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Roof Ice Damming

Ice damming can occur in newer homes, although they are more commonly found in older ones. Most people may not pay any attention to them until they actually begin to do damage…and eventually they will.

Not only can ice damming consequences be a financial burden, they can also be unhealthy. If the roof and interior of the home begin to leak, spores such as mold can begin to grow. Mold can cause problems with allergies and also other respiratory issues.

Ice Damming isn’t always the fault of the Roofer

Ice damming usually brings the homeowner to blame the roofer or the roofing contractor, but they usually are not to blame. Even the best laid roof can experience ice damming. So, what is the cause of the majority of ice damming issues? Excessive attic heat. More than three quarters of the time, in fact over 95% of the time, attic heat is to blame.

Sometimes, it is the design of the house, conceived by either an architect or a building contractor. They are striving to make the home more attractive, but may be causing future problems in the long run. A home that has a lot of dormers or other deep slants can often lead to a future ice damming issue.

Here are some others who may just be to blame:

  • Insulation Contractor
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor
  • Electrican
  • Homeowner

Ice Damming and Attic Ventilation

If snow is melting in an ununiform manner from the roof, the culprit is probably too much heat in the attic. It is a problem that is common in many homes, but until there is a problem, it is not noticed. Many things can lead to heat in the attic, so it is important that it be properly ventilated.

Homes with fireplaces that have not been properly built or insulated causes a lot of excess attic heat. In the Northwest, Portland roofing company businesses find that to be the cause in many instances. HVAC systems in the attic can also cause too much attic heat and contribute to ice damming.

What to Look for

Snow that melts unevenly on a roof is a pretty good sign that there may eventually be some ice damming. Streaks of water/ice running down areas of the outside of the home is an indicaton that there is ice damming going on.

All Surface Roofing and Construction is available for consultation if you are in the Portland area. A good roofing contractor can usually spot the problem and know how to proceed from there. The main thing is to protect your investment, family and health by taking care of ice damming as soon as possible.

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