Rosh Hashanah Gifts – Blessings to You on Jewish New Year

Celebrate Jewish New Year’s – Rosh Hashanah Gifts

Rosh Hashanah is a beautiful holiday and I would like to help us experience it! Shanah Tovah (pronounced [ʃaˈna toˈva]) is the traditional greeting on Rosh Hashanah which in Hebrew means “A Good Year” (Hebrew: שנה טובה‎). L’shanah tovah tikatevu meaning “May you be inscribed for a good year” is also traditional. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, the first of the High Holy Days.

While the day is known as the Jewish New Year it is not a day of revelry like American New Year’s but instead is a day of deep introspection and coming to God. It is a day of rest from regular work but is spent instead in the synagogue, and it is characterized by customary, traditional foods such as apples dipped in honey. Also it is known by the blowing of the shofar an instrument made from the horn of a ram or other kosher animal, used in ancient Israel to mark the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, marking the beginning of the New Year, signifying both need to wake up to the call to repentance, and to connected with the second day of Rosh Hashanah, which was the Binding of Isaac (Genesis, chapter 22) in which Abraham sacrifices a ram in place of his son, Isaac.

The Jewish calendar changes from year to year, and in 2015 it begins in the evening of September 13 through September 15. I am not Jewish, but I am fascinated by the rich and wonderful religion that is Judaism. I would love to have a Jewish New Year’s kosher dinner with all the beautiful serving items that are available, and with traditional holiday foods. You may want to celebrate the Jewish New Year’s Day too – or send wonderful gifts to Jewish friends.

Beautiful Rosh Hashanah Items to Decorate and Celebrate in your Home

Serve a Lovely Meal for The Jewish New Year

Apples and honey are foods that are associated with Rosh Hashanah , so this silver plated honey dish is perfect and would probably become a family heirloom. The dessert trio offers a honey cake and an apple cake, as well as assorted rugelach, which are also traditional Jewish pastry. The beautiful Shabbat cloth is perfect for Jewish New Year, as well as many Jewish holidays.

Rosh Hashanah Honey Dish. 4 Piece Silver Plated Honey Dish. Great Gift for: Yom Kippur Rosh Hasana Shabbat Purim Sokot Simchat Torah Hanukkah Passover Lag Baomer Shavuot Rabbi Temple Chupah Wedding Housewarming Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzva And Jewish HomesRosh Hashana Dessert TrioEmbroidered Challah Cloth for Shabbat and Holidays (Gold and Tan)

How to Celebrate Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah Greetings and Ways to Celebrate the Jewish Holiday

Aleph-Bet Jewish Greeting CardAdorable Cartoon Honey Bee PostageShana Tova! Card (red background)Jewish New Year | Rosh Hashanah Porcelain PlatesPink Pomegranate Shana Tova StationeryCute Honey Bee on Yellow Brown Stripe Cup Classic White Coffee MugShana Tova Greeting Card (Horizontal)Apple Tree Personalized Notebook

Celebrating Jewish New Year can be a Memorable part of your Family Heritage

Having holidays that you celebrate with your family in such memorable ceremonies as the ones on Rosh Hashanah will bring cherished memories for the life of your children and yourself.

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  1. Sonja_B

    Looks like the Jewish New Year has some delicious and healthy meals in its tradition.
    No need for diets like after our Christmas and New Year celebrations :)

  2. I was not familiar with Jewish celebrations, but now I think I’m able to celebrate the Jewish New Year, the Arab one (which I learned from my partner in life) and my very own one. Three reasons to celebrate, three reasons to wish the best to all my friends and the world.

  3. What a lovely way to wish our Jewish friends and family a Happy New Year. You’ve chosen some beautiful gifts to commemorate Roshhashana.

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