Ruby Necklaces for July Birthdays

A Special Collection of Ruby Necklaces

 Celtic Hands Holding Heart Created Ruby Diamond Claddagh Pendant 10k

When thinking of pretty gemstones, I think that rubies are one of the most gorgeous. If you have ever heard the term “jewel tones” this is the shade of deep red that is being described. I can’t see how anyone would be able to keep their eyes off of a beautiful sparkling ruby.

If you are searching for a lovely ruby, set in a classic necklace, this collection includes something for everyone and in every price range. A ruby necklace makes the most special gift for birthdays, graduations and holidays. The gift of a ruby is one that will never be forgotten.


White Gold Ruby Necklaces

 14K 18 14K 18 14k White Gold Natural Enhanced Ruby Necklace 1.24 ct 7×5 Oval, 0.07 ct Diamond 18 inch 14K White Gold Ruby Pendant (1 CT) With 18 10k White Gold Ruby and Diamond Twist Pendant 14k White Gold Diamond-Accented Natural Ruby Solitaire Necklace with Dainty 16

Facts About Rubies

 14K Rose Gold 18

Facts About Rubies

1. Rubies are a precious gemstone.

2. Most rubies have flaws. It’s rare to find a perfect ruby.

3. A gift of a ruby celebrates 40 years of marriage.

4. Rubies have been mined for at least five thousand years.

5. The second hardest gemstone is a ruby, with diamond being the first.

6. The ruby is the birthstone for the month of July.

7. The ruby signifies love and success.


Yellow Gold Ruby Necklaces

 Pear Ruby and Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace 14k Yellow Gold 14K 18 14k Yellow Gold Natural Enhanced Ruby Necklace 1.24 ct 7×5 Oval, 0.07 ct Diamond 18 inch Oval Solitaire Ruby Pendant with Diamond Accent For Women Gemstone 14K Yellow Gold (1.12ct) Antique Style Ruby and Diamond Pendant Necklace 14k Yellow Gold 14K 18

Carmen Lucia Ruby

Did you know that some rubies are more precious than diamonds? For instance, the Carmen Lucia Ruby (pictured above) is one of the finest gemstones in the entire world. This exquisite ruby is one of the largest and finest rubies weighing in at 23.1 carats.

If you would like to see a ruby that is worth millions of dollars, the Carmen Lucia Ruby is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Image: Flickr/Creative Commons

Silver Created Ruby Necklaces

 Created Ruby and Diamond Pendant-Necklace in Sterling Silver (2 1/2ct tgw) Sterling Silver Heart with True Cascading Rubies Necklace with 18 inch Sterling Silver chain Created Ruby and Diamond Pendant-Necklace in Sterling Silver (2 1/2ct tgw) Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold Emerald-Cut Created Ruby Pendant Necklace, 18 1ct Created Ruby and Diamond Puffed Heart Pendant- Necklace in Sterling Silver on an 18 inch Box Chain Sterling Silver Created Ruby Heart Winged Butterfly Pendant Necklace, 18

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