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Home Sweet Home : Start a Collection: Salt and Pepper Shakers

So here’s the story behind the story for this page. Once upon a time, there was a friend of mine who majored in Home Economics and was also newly married. We’re at lunch one day and she is discussing her homemaking activities and things she plans to do as a wise woman. (You know? That old proverb that say “A wise woman builds her home.”) She says she decided that she’s going to start a thimble collection. (She sewed.) Why start a collection? Well because … uuhhh … a good homemaker always has a collection of something. Right? The longer you stay married, the larger the collection and you also probably collect memories of what each item means at a given point in time during your relationship.

Listening to her talk and in my mind I’m thinking: “Awe man! I’m a lousy homemaker!” But based on her comments, figured maybe in my home there ought to be a collection of something or other. Started visited other people’s houses to see if they collected things too! To my surprise there were folks who had collections of various things. One lady, in particular, had shelves full of salt and pepper shakers. Another lady had a collection of all things strawberry. Even at one of my old jobs, in this co-worker’s office, she had an amazing collection of teddy bears! Unbelievable!

My collection was going to be coffee mugs. Made that decision because at the time, my job required me to travel, my mugs were going to represent each city on my official travel agenda. It started off OK. Unfortunately, didn’t keep the job long enough (i.e. over the span of my married life) and didn’t really travel that many places. Besides … during the course of my marriage which has lasted close to 40 years, while raising 11 kids, many things got broken or damaged in my house on a fairly regular basis, so collecting stuff just didn’t seem practical for me. :)

However, most married couples are probably not going to have almost a dozen kids. Having a collection spanning their years of marital bliss seems like a good idea. But what would be a really cute collection? My mind keeps going back to those salt and pepper shakers. They are not that expensive and they look really cute!

What do you think? If you want to start a salt and pepper shaker collection here are a few suggestions.

Even if you don’t start a collection, they make great gifts. :)

There is no Christmas without Charlie Brown or Snoopy.

What a great way to start a collection!

PEANUTS Snoopy or Charlie Brown Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets

CG SS-CG-56540 Handcrafted Set Of Turkey Salt & Pepper Shakers, 3.75″, Brown

Harvest 3 Piece Dolomite Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shaker with Tray Set

Little Red Riding Hood And Wolf Magnetized Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Westland Giftware Life According to Disney Princesses Beauty and the Beast Dance 4-Inch Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Grasslands Road Pinch of Salt Dash of Pepper Pedestal Shakers Spring Easter Egg

Grasslands Road Crimson Hollow Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers Set, Assorted

1 X Hot Chili Peppers Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shakers S/P

Olde Thompson 5.5″ Sunset Fiesta Colored Pepper Mill and Salt Shaker Set

Norpro 713 Salt and Pepper Shakers, 2 Piece Set

Fox Run Salt and Pepper Shaker with Handle, Round

The Pioneer Woman Flea Market Decorated Salt and Pepper Shaker

Appletree Design Leprechaun with Pot of Gold Salt and Pepper Set, 2-3/8-Inch, 3-3/4-Inch

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