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Finding A San Diego Hair Stylist

Ami Du - San Diego Hair Stylist

Ami Du - San Diego Hair Stylist

Ami Du – San Diego Hair Stylist

Are you looking for a San Diego hair stylist?  I recommend Amy Du, located in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.  Most people who are looking to find a quality San Diego hair stylist do research on the internet or take time to look in the yellow pages.  But the sure way to find the best San Diego hair stylist is by personal recommendation.  Because even though there are many talented hair stylists, you need one who knows how to give you a professional cut that will give you a hair style that will flatter your face.  Having the right hair style can not only take years off your appearance but can make you feel better in general.

How do I know if a hair stylist is qualified to cut hair?  Whenever you are in doubt about which hair style would work best for you, consult with a qualified hair stylist, like Amy Du.  In San Diego, a qualified hair stylist is licensed by passing the California State Board Exam, as well as completing a training program, just ask to see Amy Du’s license. She is professionally trained and has gone to a cosmetology school so that she can help to make people look their best. Looking your best includes knowing the hair cut and color that would bring out the best facial features on each individual client.

 Is communicating with your hair stylist important?  Amy Du is an honest, knowledgeable hair stylist that is able to tell you in a gentle, tactful way if a cut or style would work for your facial features, as well as help you find something that will fit into your lifestyle. You should communicate clearly about what you want, and then really listen to the advice that this San Diego hair stylist offers you as she has been professionally trained to help you look your best. Call to make an appointment for a consultation with Amy Du if you are apprehensive or unsure about getting a new hair style.

How can I help to keep my hair looking good?  Amy Du knows that proper nutrition in your diet, as well as plenty of exercise, can also play a role in how healthy your hair looks. It is important to drink plenty of water and eat right if you want to keep your locks looking healthy.  You can take vitamins that will promote new growth and shine, as well.  Of course shampooing and conditioning your hair regularly is important in keeping your hair looking good.  There are a number of products that you can use to help your hair look good; accordingly, you should ask Amy Du which products work best with your hair type and style.  She would be happy to make a recommendation.

Call to make an appointment.  Amy Du can work with you and help you find the best look possible for you. Whether you are starting a new job, going for an interview, going on a date or just want something new.  Having a new hairdo can make you feel more confident and make you feel better about yourself. With a brand new look, you can go to your new job feeling comfortable and confident about who you are. Call to schedule an appointment with Amy Du today, with a new haircut she will help you feel better about yourself and give you a new outlook on life. Many people notice immediately feeling better about themselves and wonder what took them so long to make an appointment.

Amy Du has been a professional San Diego hair stylist for over 15 years. She has established a reputation for providing excellent customer service, taking great pride in her work, and for listening to her customer’s needs.

For an appointment call 858-505-9100.

Or for more information about Amy Du and the hair services she provides, visit: San Diego Hair Stylist.  First time clients can print out a 50% off coupon for any haircut service.

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