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Sand Tables for Kids

Portable Fun with Sand — and Water!

How much fun are these sand tables? Scroll through and enjoy a whole collection of sand and water play tables that will keep the little ones happy for hours. Bring the beach safely into your backyard with one of these portable activity tables. A table raises your sandpit up which makes play easy for toddlers and keeps all the sand (and water) in one place.

When it comes to choosing the right sand table for you, think about where it will be used. If you’re keeping it outside all the time and not storing indoors when not in use, you’ll need one that has a secure cover or lid to keep the sand clean and dry and to keep out bugs and pests — like cats, who might think it is a new litter tray! Make sure the construction is sturdy enough to withstand a child’s rough play and buy proper play sand. Don’t be tempted to bring it in from the beach which will have all sorts of tiny livestock in it. A table with two wells is perfect.

With that in mind, and a handful of great sand and water toys, you are all set. Enjoy browsing through my selection.

Aren’t these just beautiful? Today, we as parents are able to offer our children so much more whether it be in the form of educational toys or these creative sand tables. Unfortunately growing up I didn’t have such unique toys. The closest I came was a homemade wooden sandpit that my father put together for me, it was filled with either beach sand or builders sand. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and had loads of fun playing in it with my friends. The problem was the sand. Not sure if any of you remember this, but the sand wasn’t ideal and always had fleas in it. Mom wasn’t impressed so the sand box unfortunately didn’t last too long (pity).

Today the sand is especially made for playing in. It is natural sand, safe and free of asbestiform tremolite, (and fleas).

Fun Sand & Water Activity Stations for Kids

If there are two things that kids have a great affinity to, it’s sand and water. Kids regardless of gender are always game for an entire afternoon’s worth of playtime in either sand or water, which is why beaches are a great hit with them. Unfortunately, the beach, sand, and water are not always available. This is where Fun Sand & Water Activity Stations for Kids come in – they allow your kids to play in environments they prefer without the need to actually leave the yard, it’s also inherently safer as you have more control over the environment.

 Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay Cove Sand and Water Table Playful Sand & Water Center


More Popular Sand & Water Play Tables

Sand & Water Play Tables are the ideal playsets for children, as it allows kids to play with sand or water, without leaving the house or the yard. The sets are small enough that they can be set up on a free space on the garden or even in the playroom. It’s also inherently safer than leaving your kids in a playground or bringing them to the beach, since water in a play table brings no risk. They can also be very appealing to a wider range of age groups, whether you have a 2 year old who can barely run straight or a hyperactive 6 year old kid.

 Shady Oasis Sand And Water Play Table Sand and Water Play Set Sandy Lagoon Waterpark Play Table


Best Reviewed Sand Table for Kids

Kids love playing in the sand. It hones their creativity and inventiveness, usually through various sand sculptures and castles, and gives them the opportunity to just go crazy and be rowdy while playing with something that won’t get broken when kicked around. However, since you can’t bring your kids to the beach all the time, and that sand on the backyard might not be clean. This is where Sand Tables and Trays come in. You can give your kids their very own sand to play with, in a way that they’ll be safe and won’t make too much of a mess of things.

 Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table Step2 Crabbie Sand Table American Plastic Toys Sand Table


Water Tables

If you’re not so keen on your child playing with sand, maybe it’s a little too messy or perhaps you don’t have a garden and space is a problem then these small water parks are just the thing. Easy to fit in a small space where the children can still have a lot of fun playing with their toys in the water. Water is very soothing and a great way for a child to relax and just have fun.

 Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table Step2 Big Splash Waterpark Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table


Sand and Water Toys

Kids already love playing with sand and water by default, which is why beaches are such a hit with them. However, just sand and water by themselves can grow old after a while, and in order to keep the kids’ attention as long as you need them to be preoccupied, you need some sand and water toys. The toys meant for sand and water play is very different from normal toys because both elements have a tendency to get inside and ruin conventional toys (sand in particular can get stuck into moving joints and prevent them from working). Sand and water toys are also durable and meant to be played with reckless abandon.

 Sand Bucket Baby Beach Toys Set, Small 16 Pcs with Convenient Zippered Bag Pool Water Table Bo-Toys Beach Sand Toys Set in Zippered Bag Castle Bucket, 15 Piece Sand Bucket 17-Pieces Molds & Tools for Baby, Kids and Toddler Green Toys Sand & Water Play Dump Truck with Scooper D&D Distributing Three Sailboats Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sand Cupcake Set


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  1. Gypzeerose

    Sand tables for kids sound like such a great idea. I love summer.

  2. I really loved the water tables. All selections were bright and colorful. Toys that are sure to keep kids occupied for lots of hours and fun.

  3. Kids just naturally love sand and water — how wonderful to have special place for it all!

  4. klash

    My son used to love to play in the sand for hours when he was a child. These sand tables are the perfect height for youngsters. They will enjoys hours of play while not realizing they are learning fine motor skills.

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