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Sarah Palin Halloween Costume Kits

Sarah Palin Costume Kits for Halloween

Dress up as the former Governor of Alaska with these Sarah Palin costume kits for Halloween. You can be the fishing, hunting, and backwoods politician known as Sarah Palin this year for Halloween.

There are complete Sarah Palin costume kits available. Or create your own with a Sarah Palin wig or mask. There are several items below that will help you dress up like Governor Palin for costume parties or trick or treating.

She was the republican sweetheart who ran beside John McCain in the 2008 presidential campaigns. Yet, she remains a gem for media with an occasional quirky comment here or there. Show your support and create a Sarah Palin Halloween costume out of the items featured on this page.

Complete Sarah Palin Halloween Costume Kits

Here are the two best and most complete Sarah Palin Halloween costume kits on the market this year. If this is the political costume idea you want to dress up in, you can’t go wrong with either of these two Halloween costume kits.

Sarah Palin Halloween Costume KitGovernor Sarah Palin Kit by elope

Full Sarah Palin Halloween Costumes for Women

Here are two more of the more popular Sarah Palin Halloween costume kits on the market. Both of these are good quality kits and you would be happy with either of them.

Sarah Palin Costume KitHot Sarah Palin Costume

Order A Sarah Palin Mask For Halloween

Are you creating a unique costume and just need a mask? Here are several Halloween costume masks for Governor Palin from Alaska. If you already have the clothing and just need a mask, these should fill your needs.

Sarah Palin MaskDeluxe Sarah Palin MaskSarah Palin Zombie MaskSarah Palin Mask

Other Sarah Palin Halloween Costume Masks

Some of the same Halloween costume masks are available from other merchants around the internet. Check the prices from these other websites to see if you can save a few bucks.

Governor Sarah Palin KitSarah Palin MaskPalin Rogue ZombieSarah Palin Mask

Here Are Sarah Palin Costume Wigs

If you don’t have long brunette hair like the governors, you will need one of these wigs. Make your own Sarah Palin Halloween costumes with a long brunette hair wig in her favorite hair style.

Sarah Palin Cosume WigSarah Palin Wig

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  1. Gypzeerose

    My favorite Sarah Palin costume is the Palin Rouge Zombie. These are hilarious!

  2. Now there’s a REALLY scary Halloween costume! YIKES!

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