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Saving Hope



Saving Hope

Saving Hope  is a Men of the Texas Ranger Series by Margaret Daley.

Wyatt Sheridan is a Texas Ranger who lives on the Lone Star Ranch with his 14 year old daughter Maddie and his mom Catherine.

Kate Sheridan runs the Beacon of Hope, a place where young girls who have been forced into prostitution to come to receive help.  There are several young girls there, some sent there by a judge and others voluntary.

Wyatt has been assigned to work on those cases connected to the young girls being forced to sell their bodies. A young girl’s body is found not far from Wyatt’s ranch.  Near her body was a white van from Beacon of Hope that had been missing since Rose, another girl had disappeared.  Rose had left to help a friend who had called her.  Her name was Lillian and her body was the one they found but no sign of Rose.

At Beacon of Hope  another girl, Zarah,  is seen getting into a white Chevy.  She is found later shot in the head.

Wyatt’s wife had been murdered 9 years before by an escaped convict.  Caroline had came to live with Wyatt and Maddie at that time.  Maddie likes to do barrel racing.

Saving Hope

Saving Hope

Kate’s parents have been providing 75% of the funding for Beacon Of  Hope even though they have been wanting it to fail.  Her mom comes to Beacon of Hope to tell Kate that she was withdrawing the funds.  Kate’s family carries a lot of weight with other influential people and Kate is having a hard time finding someone to fund them.  Kate know how much Beacon of Hope has helped the girls who want to get a new start on life and is desperate to find more funding.  A congresswoman tells her that they will provide 65% of the funding she needs.

Catherine  has been married 3 times and involved in several relationships.  Maddie has asked about getting a temporary tattoo of a dolphin.  Wyatt says no.  Catherine goes against Wyatt and takes Maddie to get the tattoo without Wyatt knowing.  While they were out at the mall Maddie bumps into a young guy who tells her his name is Tyler Collins and that he is 17 and a junior in high school.  He asks Maddie to help him choose some things for school.

Wyatt discovers that Maddie has the tattoo and he grounds her.  She arranges to meet Tyler at the back of their property.  She sneaks out the bedroom window and takes her horse.  When she gets back Wyatt is waiting on her and extends her grounding.

Catherine meets a man who says his name is Jack Reagan and that he is staying at a motel while there on business.  He comes to the ranch quite often and visits with Catherine.

On the first day of school Tyler calls and asks Maddie to skip school and meet him at the mall.  She waits till Wyatt leaves and pretends to catch the bus and hides until Catherine leaves.  She then takes the keys to the old farm truck and heads to the mall.  As she gets to the mall parking lot the truck dies and will not start.  She is blocking cars that are parked there.  She panics and calls Kate.  Kate tells her she will be right there and call a tow truck if it won’t start.  When  Kate arrives she has brought the nurse with her and tells Kate to go with the nurse and change clothes and then the nurse will take her to school.  Kate will wait for the tow truck.

On Maddie’ s way home Tyler calls and wants to know where she is. He is mad when he hears she is headed home.  She explains that the truck broke down and she called Kate and Kate is waiting for a tow truck. Tyler was supposed to kidnap Maddie so he calls his boss and is told to take  Kate instead.  He goes out and is buddy pulls his car up near the truck and he grabs Kate and puts a cloth with chloroform over her face.

Grab the book, Saving Hope, and find out who is behind the prostitution ring and see what happens to Kate.  I really enjoyed the book and was surprised at the ending.

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