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Say You’ll Be Mine

puppybutts bagBook Review:  Say You’ll Be Mine

Say You’ll Be Mine is a romance written by Julia Amante.

Isabel Gallegos is CEO and Co-owner of Gallegos Winery.  Her ex-husband is her partner. Isabel is a workaholic and she is trying to sell the winery and get on with her life.  Just as she meets with buyers she receives a letter from a lawyer in Argentina telling her that her cousin Brenda and Brenda’s husband had died in a skiing accident. Isabel had been made guardian of their three kids in the will.

Say You'll be Mine

Say You’ll be Mine

Isabel goes to Argentina with the intention of giving guardianship to the kids’ Grandmother but when she arrives she sees that the Grandmother is not physically able to raise the kids. Isabel doesn’t know what to do as she does not want the responsibility.  The kids’ uncle shows up and demands that he be given the kids. Grandmother  refuses to let him in the house. Isabel meets with him a few days later and they arrange for Isabel to sign papers giving him custody after she takes the kids to America for 6 months.  Isabel does not tell anyone about the papers.

Isabel takes the kids to America and before the 6 months are up she realizes she loves the kids. She does not know what to do.

Read the book to see what happens when she changes her mind about the kids and her ex.

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