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Personalized Name & Back to School Supplies for Students and Teachers

Back-to-School: Supplies And Prepping Your Kids

Every child loves summer vacation. They’re free from schoolwork. They can wake up as late as they want to. And, they are free to hang out with their friends on weekdays. Summer vacation is truly the most exciting part of every child’s year.

Every summer vacation, though, must come to an end. You can avoid an abrupt ending and a house full of cranky children if you start the back-to-school preparation process a few weeks before class starts.

Utilize the tips below to minimize the sting of going back to school on your children.

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Get them ready in stages…

1. Adjust their sleep schedule.

Wean your kids into a school-ready sleeping schedule by making them fall asleep an hour earlier each week. Continue cutting back their bedtime until their sleeping patterns match those they will ll maintain throughout the school year.

2. Assign homework.

It’s true that kids dislike homework. But it’s important to keep their minds sharp.

* On the Internet, you can find many places that offer free downloadable worksheets for children of all ages to complete outside of school.

Websites like www.teach-nology.com, www.abcteach.com, and www.lessonplanet.com provide a wide variety of options.

* Keep it lighthearted.
Try to assign fun homework assignments and be lenient in deadlines. After all, it is summer vacation and your kids deserve to spend some of their time relaxing.

One assignment per subject that is due at the end of the week is plenty.

Get them some fun and personalized notebooks! to write their assignments in.

Bright cheerful designs help to set the right mood when it comes to school supplies.

You can get so many school supplies including ones that that are branded with kids names right here, and usually at the best prices available online.

Large Paperback Composition Notebook & Diary with 190 lined journal pages with easy to fill Date and Page spaces.

Keep your homework in one convenient paperback study notebook:

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* Gorgeous Durable gloss finish paperback cover
* 190 pages – 95 sheet lined note book
* Size 6” X 9” (15 x 23cm)
* Blank Date and Page # space top of each textbook lined page.

Ease into the back to school changes

3. Tighten curfews.

If you’re like most parents, you likely extend your children’s curfews throughout the summer. A few weeks before classes begin, be stricter about the time your children need to be home and which days they can go out with their friends.

Allow your children to keep their summer curfew active on Fridays and Saturdays.

Sunday through Thursday, implement a “school-ready” curfew.

This will mentally prepare your children for the new set of rules that will be in effect during the school year.

4. Make the change exciting.

To your children, August is just the beginning of another boring school year. However, as a parent, you can’t help but marvel at the speed your babies are maturing!

Help them see what you see by reminding them of all of the opportunities that will soon be available to them in the new school year.

Be firm about your decisions when preparing your kids for the change of going back to school.

Most children are resistant when you first begin to implement these changes.

However, after about a week or so, most children begin to accept the new routines.

Remember to take your children’s feelings and desires into account when designing your routine for getting ready to return to school.

Kids have unique needs, and it is important to let them know that their opinions are valuable.

Be willing to give in a little and you willll often receive a great deal of cooperation in return.

By implementing these changes, you willll prepare your children well for going back to school.

When school begins, it will be less of a shock to your children and the transition to a new daily routine will be an easier one for all.

A notebook for the Princesses in the world, and the Beauty Pageant Queens!

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Make it Fun!

The more fun they have getting ready to go back to school, the less stressful it will be!

Student Planner 2018 – 2019 Academic Year School Organizer | White Unicorns

6×9 Dated Diary | Weekly | Monthly School Planner

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Organizing your academic year is simple with the clean lines design of this planner for students and teachers. Running from August 2018 through to July 2019 this practical planner will keep you on track all year.
12 month School Planner Calendar Schedule School Organizer paperback includes:
* Gorgeous Design Durable Gloss Paperback Cover
* Size 6” X 9” (15 x 23cm)
* 190-page/95-sheets
* 2018 – 2019 Yearly Calendars
* Class Schedules 1st & 2nd Semester
* Weekly Class Schedule / Study Time Table / Exam Time Table
* Monthly planner – 2 pages per month with space for notes and To Do lists
* Weekly layouts (Monday – Sunday) 2 pages per week with lots of room to write your daily tasks and thoughts
* Assignment Lists – monthly
* Project Plans – monthly
* Reading Lists
* Friends & Teacher Contact List
* Password log
* Extra lined note pages
* Paperback bound, so no coils to get messed up when you write
* Great gifts for the students, teachers and home school planners in your life!

Brighten up their every day, with cheerful themed Student School Planners

You can check out a great selection of colourful and fun planners for schoolkids of all ages on amazon.

Seeing these every day will cheer them up and start the day off on the right note for them.

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Back to School Supplies you can order online and have delivered to your door.

Take the stress out of getting your school supplies this year…

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Do you have any experience with getting kids ready to go back to school?

Please be so kind to leave your feedback, Kudos, comments.

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  1. I don’t remember my own favorite supplies, but when I was student teaching I do remember that some of the brightest kids knew how important their notebooks were to their future – they could see that if they could organize their notebooks in school, it would cover over to life. Having personalized journals and notebooks that are special to you just makes it cooler!

    As a matter of fact – maybe why I don’t remember shopping for their supplies – there were no cool ones available!

    • Yes, the only way to brighten books up was covering them with pretty wrapping paper or contact paper.

      Nowadays kids have an incredible choice of school supplies!

  2. When you were in school, what were your favourite supplies?

    I was crazy for new watercolours and coloured pencils for my artwork addiction!

    How about your kids… what do they get most excited about in their new back to school supplies and notebooks?

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