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Best 3 Wheeled Bicycles Adults Can Ride – Wheeeeee!

3 Wheeled Bicycles for Adults are a Great Idea for Exercise and Transportation

3 Wheeled bicycles for adults are just large Tricycles. For some reason, we insist on calling them bicycles — perhaps it’s a matter of pride. We think of tricycles being for little children. But tricycles or bicycles with 3 wheels, they provide a great way for older adults to get out and enjoy the outdoors while getting a good exercise. The best tricycles for adults are more stable than a normal two wheel bicycle.

Seniors often have problems with balance. Even folks who have ridden a bicycle for their entire lives find riding a challenge as they age. A 3 wheeler is a great gift for an active grandparent. My husband’s parents had matching adult trikes for their senior years. They were so cute riding down the street on their bikes!

 Adult Tricycle w/ Folding Rear Basket & Child SeatAdult Tricycle w/ Folding Rear Basket & Child Seat Purple Adult Tricycle w/Wire Shopping BasketPurple Adult Tricycle w/Wire Shopping Basket


We had so much fun recently on a beach trip. We all rode the adult tricycle and had fun taking silly pictures. An adult tricycle is truly entertainment for the entire family – and good exercise too!
I would not recommend it for a hilly area, but if your neighborhood is reasonably flat, you can enjoy hours of happy cycling, feeling secure and balanced.

Fun and Unique 3 Wheeled Bicycles for Adults

Imagine You Riding To The Store On A Bike – At Your Age!

Get exercise, enjoy the great outdoors, go shopping and visit family and friends on your bike.

3 wheels prevent you from having to worry about balance or tipping over, so you can casually stroll through town and enjoy your time out.

There are some great adult tricycles available today in a variety of styles and colors. Choose one you love, or get one as a gift for someone special in your life.

 Adult Tricycle w/ Basket, Lock, Bike Pump, & Shopping BagAdult Tricycle w/ Basket, Lock, Bike Pump, & Shopping Bag Adult Tricycle Beach CruiserAdult Tricycle Beach Cruiser 14” Trike Bike Perfect for Beginner Riders14” Trike Bike Perfect for Beginner Riders 24-Inch 6-Speed Adjustable Adult Tricycle24-Inch 6-Speed Adjustable Adult Tricycle Nuvo Adult Folding Trike, 20-InchNuvo Adult Folding Trike, 20-Inch Adult Collapsible Electric TricycleAdult Collapsible Electric Tricycle


Get out there and start enjoying life. Take your bike to a campground, parking lot or anywhere else that’s open and wide, and where you’ll be safe and enjoy yourself.

Bikes have come a long way…and so have you! Choose your favorite style and color and have fun!

Electric 3 Wheel Bicycles Adults Enjoy

If You Need an Electric 3 Wheel Bicycle

Electric 3 wheel bicycles for adults are helpful and fun for those who are not quite strong enough for the non-electric. Adding a motor and more stability, they become known as scooters, but still look like fun for those of us who need them.

 750W Motor Foldable Electric Cruiser Tricycle750W Motor Foldable Electric Cruiser Tricycle Adult Electric Tricycle/Scooters Single MotorAdult Electric Tricycle/Scooters Single Motor MotoTec Electric Trike 48V 500WMotoTec Electric Trike 48V 500W Electric Three-Wheel Folding Bicycle w/ StorageElectric Three-Wheel Folding Bicycle w/ Storage


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  1. My dream is to retire somewhere that has nice paths where I would drive my adult tricycle.

  2. Such fun! I had an electric tryke for a while but never really used it, such a pity! Great information here

  3. I should get a tricycle like this since I cant ride a bike for the life in me…

  4. Susie Lehto

    I have wanted one of these bikes for years. They are neat! :)

  5. Susan

    Oh!! I didn’t even know these existed. How wonderful. thank you for writing this article.

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