September Birthstone Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklaces

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Lapis lazuli – Gorgeous Pendant Necklaces for September

Although we usually think about giving a birthstone ring, gorgeous necklaces made out of September birthstone lapis lazuli are one of the best ways to celebrate a September birthday!

Lapis lazuli is one of the two birthstones of September, pink sapphire.. Although Lapis lazuli is not considered a precious stone like sapphire is, it is a wondrous jewel nonetheless.

Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. This is truly the stone of kings and queens.

Lapis Lazuli was referenced in the Old Testament as “sapphire” but actual sapphire was unknown in the Holy Land. Lapis probably is is in the original breastplate of the High Priest as the fifth stone.

Lapis Lazuli was infamous in Egypt, obtained from the oldest mines in the world, that were worked from around 4000 B.C. and still in use today. If you visited Egypt today or in the past you would find it in the sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen which was richly inlaid with Lapis, as were other burial ornaments of Egyptian kings and queens. You might find lapis in scarabs, pendants and other jewelry, or ground into powder for dyes, eye shadow and medicine.

Lapis lazuli is truly a stone of royalty, and for developing your inner Queen or King. Crystal healers treasure it for opening the Third Eye and helping you move towards Truth and Enlightenment.

If you are born in September, you are truly lucky to have two beautiful powerful stones as your birthstones. Necklaces are a wonderful way to display the beauty of this stone and here are some of the most gorgeous ones I have found.


Learn to Use your Royal Blue Lapis Lazuli for Creation

Very interesting, here is crystal healer Caroline Jalango telling how she uses the energy of this powerful stone to bring good to her life.

My Favorite Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace

Connect Free Will Genuine Lapis Lazuli Navajo Dawn Rising NecklaceSee Details

The Dawning of a New Day necklaces are a traditional Navajo design, which remind us of the beauty and life that comes with each new day. The necklaces are hand crafted by a Navajo family in Arizona, who are now in their 3rd generation of making this style of jewelry.

Lapis is widely found throughout the world. Lapis Lazuli was worn by the Hebrews to adorn their ceremonial robes. It was known in ancient Egyptian times. It provides relief to painful emotions that have been stored away, it supports courage in endeavors and it helps us to advance towards a universal wisdom. Lapis is It is said to have ‘existed before time itself!’
This is a particularly stunning lapis lazuli necklace that is handcrafted by a Navajo family that has been doing this for three generations. The necklace symbolizes the beauty and hope of each new day. The necklace is 18 inches long and the two strands of these pieces bring the sun and moon together, day and night, male and female, showing the two contrasting but also coming together as one in the universe. 6-7 genuine Lapis Lazuli 14-26mm paddle shaped beads along with additional 8-4mm round Lapis Lazuli beads reflect the dawn with the stone’s innate ability to provide and expand awareness, objectivity, clarity and mental endurance.
Beautifully strung shiny silver plated balls, silver-plated rose beads, and 10×1.5mm silver plated tube beads adorn the strands of the necklace and range in size from 2 to 18mm in length and 2 to 8mm in diameter.The shiny and secure silver-plated screw clasp is made up of two cylindrical tubes, which screw tightly into one another for ultimate safety. This is made of high quality deep blue Lapis Lazuli stone.


The Allure of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Has a Fascinating History – And it is Gained with Great Difficulty

Lapis miners toil away for our beautiful jewelry in Afghanistan. I found this video fascinating, and it made me feel more respect for this beautiful jewelry.

The lapis mines are desolate, hard places to work in a challenging environment.

GorgeousLapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Bib Necklace

This gorgeous lapis lazuli necklace set in sterling silver is stunning. The flattering bib style is lovely with larimar and amethyst accents.

Excellent Blue Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver NecklaceExcellent Blue Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Necklace


Lapis is an Ancient Word

Lapis is Latin for stone.

Gorgeous Blue Lapis Lazuli September Birthstone Necklaces

Here are six of the most beautiful lapis lazuli necklaces I have found. All are unique, and all show the beautiful mystery and the amazing blue color of this ancient gem.

Genuine Lapis Lazuli 925 Silver Overlay Handmade Fashion Necklace JewelryGenuine Lapis Lazuli 925 Silver Overlay Handmade Fashion Necklace JewelryLapis Lazuli Necklace Teardrop Semi Precious Gemstone Pendant on 20Lapis Lazuli Necklace Teardrop Semi Precious Gemstone Pendant on 20Blue Lapis Stone Fan Dagger Bib Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace 18 InchBlue Lapis Stone Fan Dagger Bib Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace 18 InchUnique Lapis lazuli Nature Stone Beads Rosary Catholic Necklace Holy Medal & CrossUnique Lapis lazuli Nature Stone Beads Rosary Catholic Necklace Holy Medal & CrossGold-Plated Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace, 18Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace, 18


There are Many Beautiful Necklaces and Pendants Made of Lapis Lazuli

I hope now you see that there are many beautiful pendants and necklaces made of from lapis lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli is mysterious, gorgeous – but most of all just beautiful.

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  1. What eye catching pieces of beautiful jewelry! I have a couple of friends whose birthdays are in September…I love the ideas you have here, so I’ll be back!

  2. Beautiful jewelry for September birthdays.

  3. Wow! These September birthstone jewelry look absolutely stunning!

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