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Sexy Cupcake Ideas

Sexy Cakes and Cupcake Ideas

Find the perfect Sexy Cupcake Ideas for your bachelor party or Valentines Day treats. Finding unique cupcake ideas for Valentines day can be a cheap affordable way to show someone your delicious sexy side.

Cute cupcake ideas for sexy treats for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, Valentines day, anniversaries and more.

Sexy Cupcake Ideas for every occasion or for anyone in the mood to make something sexy for dessert. Find the perfect Sexy Cupcake Ideas in one of these books, decorating tips, and cupcake toppers that are featured here for you to check out.

Xtra Naughty Cakes: Step-By-Step Recipes for 19 Cheeky, Fun CakesView Now

Sexy Cake and Cupcake Recipes

Naughty Cakes: Step-by-Step Recipes for 19 Fabulous, Fun Cakes

Naughty Cakes: Step-by-Step Recipes for 19 Fabulous, Fun CakesView Now

Sexy cakes that are all sure to create quite a memorable impression at the next stag or bachelorette party, college graduation, or birthday celebration.

“Naughty Cakes: Step-by-Step Recipes for 19 Fabulous, Fun Cakes”
by Debbie Brown

Customer review:

“This book offers creative techniques explained simply. The results are just as good as the pictures!
The unique designs offer new ideas for novelty cakes! If you are a decorator, there are some good techniques, and for beginners the simple step by step instructions are very easy to follow! “


Kinky Cupcakes Ideas

Sexy Cupcakes Ideas

Kinky CupcakesView Now

Dip into this kinky and kitsch book for a stylish pair of stockings, or satisfy your cravings by nibbling on a pair of sexy knickers.

Tantalize and tease your lover and friends with this sumptuous selection of sexy cupcakes, simply perfect for Valentine’s Day, hen parties or a quiet night in.

“Kinky Cupcakes”
by Joanna Farrow

Customer review:

“KINKY CUPCAKES offers a fun, different idea with dressy and provocative cupcakes packed with sexy, naughty flair suitable for any bachelorette party, birthday, or fun dinner.

Basic cupcake recipes are enriched with easy flair and unique icings and decorations in this fun, different pick for any baker’s library. The color photos throughout are fun, eye-catching embellishments. “


More Kinky, Sexy or Suggestive Cookbooks

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