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Share Your Contact Information In a Snap!

Never Worry About Not Having Enough Business Cards Again!

In fact you could even get rid of your business cards altogether. Imagine this scenario: you bump into a former colleague who has just been appointed as VP in an organisation you have a great deal of admiration for. He mentions that there are opportunities for someone with exactly your skill-set. It would be a promotion and comes with a nice increase in salary as well. Trouble is you just gave out your last business card on your previous call. Hey! That’s OK! Just flip your phone over and ask him to scan the QR code on the back which contains all your contact info. Easy! It’s probably a good idea to get his card as well while you’re there.

Later, you’re out with a friend and get chatting with a couple of very attractive girls. The opportunity to exchange phone numbers presents itself so you invite one of the girls to “snap” your QR code on your iPhone 5 Case. Couldn’t be easier!

iPhone 5 Case

iPhone5 Case

So how does it work?

When you visit any of these templates to create your own iPhone 5 case at Designs by ElleDeeEsse, you will be guided through the process of creating your own QR code to replace the one shown in the image. While you are there, if you don’t like the background image, you can replace it with one of your own as well.

When you receive your case and fit it to your iPhone 5 check if you have a QR or barcode reader app installed. A couple of good ones are i-Nigma and Neoreader. Test the reader here on this QR code. It should take you to the Motorcycle iPhone 5 Case.

Two iPhone 5 Case Designs Featuring a Butterfly and Motorcycle

Because these are set up as templates, you can easily replace the images to suit our own preferences and style.


More iPhone 5 Case Template designs

Use These or Change to Your Own

Share Your Info iPhone 5 Case
Share Your Info iPhone 5 Case by ElleDeeEsse
Shop for another case for iPhone 5 online at zazzle.com

Not Just For iPhone!

If you use another style of phone such as Samsung, HTC or Blackberry there’s no need to feel excluded. Simply visit any of the templates shown above and click on the orange “Customize it” button. Click on the down arrow under “Style Options” and you will a list of available models that you can create a case for.

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