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Skin Suit Costumes

Skin Suit Costumes

Do you want to be almost anonymous at Halloween? How much fun would it be to flirt or chat with someone you wouldn’t normally and be the mysterious stranger?

These Skin Suits are head to toe coverage. The material is light enough to be breathable. Your visibility is not impaired and you can even drink through it.

With one of these skin suits you could go out and dance (maybe with the most beautiful girl at the party!) without anyone knowing it’s you.

Darth Vader Skin Suit Costume

Be the baddest of the bad, but the coolest at he party in this magnificent Darth Vader skin suit!

Star Wars Darth Vader 2nd Skin Full Body Suit Costume


Adult Ninja Skin Suit Costume

If you are usually the third wheel or the wing-man you can all of sudden be the mysterious James Bond, or a cool ninja!

Costume Adult Ninja 2nd Skin

Superhero Skin Suits for Halloween

Below you will find superheroes, colorful skins suits, character skin suits. Find one you like and have fun!

Superheroes are always in fashion. Those colors can hide some imperfections like love handles too. Superman, Batman, Robin, and The Flash are very popular costumes but the Skin Suit will outshine the plastic masks.

The FlashRobin Costume- 2nd Skin

DC Comics Adult Batman 2ndSuperhero 2nd Skin Full BodySuperhero 2nd Skin Full BodyAdult Superman 2nd Skin Zentai

Batman Collectors Edition for The Superhero in Your House

 Deluxe Batman Collector’s Edition Batman 2012 Collector Edition

Solid Color Skin Suits

2nd Skin Bodysuit –2nd Skin Bodysuit –2nd Skin Bodysuit –2nd Skin Bodysuit –Skin Suit – NeonSkin Suit – Neon

Skeletal and Muscular Skin Suits

2nd Skin Bodysuit –Skeleton Bodysuit – AdultAnatomy Man Skin SuitX-Ray Skin Suit

Skin Suit Characters

2nd Skin Bodysuit –Hangman Skin SuitTuxedo Skin Suit2nd Skin Bodysuit –Crash Test Dummy SkinMorphsuits – The AndroidMorphsuits – The ZombieMorphsuits – Scary ClownMorphsuits – Suit2nd Skin Santa Suit

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