Skulls Decorative Throw Pillows

Skulls Decorative Throw Pillows

Take your decorating to the dark side! These cool skull decorative pillows are made by American MoJo Pillows company and decorated by talented artists from around the world on

You can buy these custom skull decorative pillows for yourself or as a gift for anyone you know who would love to decorate their home, living room, or bedroom with a skull theme.

You can find cool skull pillows in tattoo style, grunge, and even vintage floral skulls are available as custom made American MoJo Pillows. If you need a cool gift for someone who loves skulls, consider one of these decorative skull throw pillows as a gift.

Cool Tattoo Skull Decorative Throw Pillows

Tattoo style skull artwork is printed on a very nice decorative pillow. I found this skull decorative throw pillow and thought you would just love to decorate a Gothic or tattoo themed bedroom with this skull pillow. Trust Me Smiling Skull Throw Pillow.

Trust Me Smiling Skull and Wings Pillows

Grinning Tattoo Skull and Wings with Tribal Pillow

Customize this throw pillow with any color you want. The design features a tattoo style grinning skull with wings and tribal patterns.

Grinning Tattoo Skull and Wings with Tribal Pillow

Tattoo Eternal Love Heart Skull Throw Pillows

Cool original skull designs are featured on colorful decorative throw pillows. You can customize the pillow color and even change the back color of the pillow to any color you like.

Tattoo Eternal Love Heart Knife Roses Skull Wings Throw Pillows

Purple Sugar Skull Throw Pillows

Beautiful, vintage skull decorative pillows would look lovely in your Gothic themed living room or bedroom! These skull pillows features a subtle charm with a little twist of darkness. Aren’t they just beautiful!

Purple Tattoo Sugar Skull With Paint Splashes Pillows

Skull Pillows Are Perfect For Man Caves

Decorate a man cave in a skull theme with any of these decorative skull themed throw pillows

Skull and Crossbones with Pink Bow Pillow

Here is one for the ladies! The pillow color is pink, but you can change that if you want to. Any custom color is available. The design features a ladies skull and crossbones with a pink bow.

Skull and Crossbones with Pink Bow plus Tribal Pillow

Unknown Stack of Skulls With Red Flames Throw Pillow

This skull themed throw pillow has a red background color, but you can change that to black or any other color you like. It’s a stack of skulls with red flames and big bold text that says Unknown.

Unknown Stack of Skulls With Red Flames Throw Pillow

PirateBay Graveyard Of Lost Souls Skull Throw Pillow

Here is a good throw pillow for pirates fans. The PiratesBay Graveyard of Lost Souls skull throw pillow would look great on a couch or a bed.

PirateBay Graveyard Of Lost Souls Skull Wings Throw Pillow

Military Helmet Skull Biker Throw Pillows

This throw pillow combines a military and bikers theme into one cool and awesome looking living room or bedroom decoration.

Military Helmet Skull With Biker Chain Throw Pillows

Jamaican Corn Rolls Hair Skull Pillows

Get your party rolling with a Jamaican skull throw pillow. This design features a Jamaican skull with corn rolls. It is sure to add a splash of color to your couch or bed.

Jamaican Corn Rolls Hair Skull Paint Splashes Pillows

More Skull Themed Throw Pillows

 Lock n Load Skull With Pistols And Stars Pillows Vintage Rock Skull Guitars Throw Pillow

Other Decorative Skull Themed Couch Pillows

Captain Grandma Throw PillowCaptain Grandma Throw PillowCaptain Mom Throw PillowCaptain Mom Throw PillowCaptain Dad Throw PillowCaptain Dad Throw PillowFunny universe Celtic Skull emblem PillowFunny universe Celtic Skull emblem Pillow

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  1. Aren’t these throw pillows just eery, scary and awesome?

  2. My late mother gave me some home decorating advice I will never forget. She said you can change the “feel” or “mood” of any room in your house (except the bathroom and kitchen, of course :) ) just by using throw pillows. They also make great gifts! Cool selection!

  3. Gypzeerose

    These throw pillows with the skulls theme are perfect for Halloween!

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