Skylanders Blue Bash

Skylanders Blue Bash

When it comes to Skylanders variants, it is hard to beat the pure awesomeness of the sensational Skylanders Blue Bash figure.

This figure was not part of any specific release wave. It simply showed up at Toys R Us one day. While it is true that Wal-Mart got their own exclusive, the clear reed Drill Sergeant, TRU got the better deal in my opinion.

Bash is a popular character in its own right; without even consider the chase figure aspect to it. When you combine the translucent blue color, it puts this figure over the top as far as the coolness factor is concerned.

Did I mention that you cannot find these in stores any longer? Once Skylanders Giants came out, the supply for this limited edition figure simply dried up. Fortunately, you can still find one for sale on the page at extremely reasonable prices.

Skylanders Blue Bash Variant

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, Exclusive Blue Bash FigureCheck Price

You have got to hand it to Activision. They really know how to keep the collectors involved. Early last year, just when everyone was completing their Skylanders collections, along came the, now famous, Blue Bash.

It seemed as if this figure came, and went, within weeks. The first time you looked you saw ten or fifteen on the pegs. In the next instance, they were gone.

While I certainly had my chance to grab as many as I wanted at retail price, I failed to recognize just how popular this figure would become over time. What started out as a $10 figure has now skyrocketed to being a collector’s item worth somewhere north of $70.


Skylanders Clear Red Drill Sergeant

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure: Drill Sergeant (Clear RED Limited Edition)Check Price

Not to be out done, Walmart also had a cool, limited edition Skylanders variant. This clear red Drill Sergeant was similar to the Blue Bash in that one day they were everywhere and the next day they were gone.

Personally, I wish I would have bought a ton of them as they seem to be holding their value quite nicely.

Even on its worst day, you can sell these figures for more than twice what you would have paid for them at Walmart. What’s more, I even saw them on sale for less than $7 a few times and still failed to grab more than one.

If you are thinking about buying one, I would recommend that you do so before Swap Force comes out. As more and more kids jump on the bandwagon, the supply of these older figures is sure to dry up thereby raising prices naturally over time!


Skylanders Gold Flameslinger

Amazon Exclusive

Skylanders Giants: Exclusive Golden FlameslingerCheck Price

You knew it would only be a matter of time before Amazon got into the exclusive Skylanders game.

This may just be the coolest exclusive to date. It is, after all, hard to beat a golden colored Flameslinger Skylanders Giants figure. Despite being readily available on Amazon, these figures are consistent sellers on eBay as well.

You can, however, be sure that as supplies dry up this figure will retain its overall value.


Because it is freaking cool; that’s why.


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