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Sleeping Wedge

Bed Wedge Pillows

Sleeping wedge pillows are typically made of foam, but can also be inflatable or made of plastic. They have a tapered incline that allows you to sleep with your upper body raised.

People with Sleep Apnea, frequent heartburn, upper respiratory problems and snoring issues might benefit from a bed wedge pillow.

Sleep wedge pillows are also beneficial for those with certain back and neck pains. A good bed wedge can help you sleep comfortably and help to keep you from moving around and ending up in awkward and painful positions.

Leg wedge pillows are made a bit differently than head wedge pillows, because they are specifically for your lower body. Leg wedges help relive lower back strain and pulling on your spine that can often happen when the weight of your legs pulls on your spine. Elevate your feet or legs for relief and to help keep your body in natural alignment.

Sleeping Bed Wedges

Contour Products Back Wedge With MassageInteVision Ortho Bed Wedge with High Quality, Removable Cover (Size: 8Sleep Better Visco Bed Wedge PillowInflatable Bed Wedge With CoverHermell Products Dual Position Bed Wedge without CoverContour 10 In 1 Flip Pillow, WhiteBed Wedge – Foam Wedge Bed Pillow 7Alex Orthopedic – 5013-10-S – Back Wedge Bed Reading Pillow – Sand – 10 in.arial;margin:3px 0″ class=”prnme”>Acid Reflux, GERD Bed Wedge System – PATENTED with Orthopedic Research Institute’s Seal! – Best natural healing remedy & treatment sleep solution instead of risers, foam cushions or pillows – Half width of queen mattress at 30

Foam Leg Pillow – Leg Elevator

This item elevates for better rest. Adjustable layers offer custom comfort. Leg elevation is highly recommended for increasing blood circulation and providing relief from leg cramping, lower back pain, and muscle spasms. It’s also a great solution for discomfort caused by pregnancy weight gain.

Foam Leg Pillow – Leg Elevator (Beige) (25View Now

Leg Bed Wedges

 Hermell ProductsElevating Leg Rest, Sky Blue Leg Elevator – Blue Orthopedic Bed Wedge Carex Memory Foam Knee Pillow Mabis DMI Elevating Leg Rest Cushion Pillow, Blue Contour Products Kneezup Leg Wedge Cushion Jobri Spine Reliever Leg Wedge AliMed Elevating Leg Support, Foam Leachco Swankle Elevated Wedge Pillow, White

Leachco Body Bumper Contoured Body Pillow System, Khaki

Leachco Body Bumper Contoured Body Pillow System, Khaki

Larger curved pillow and adjustable bumper pillow work together to create many positions. Body bumper slides up and down or rotates around the body pillow for a snug, custom fit.

Great for pregnant women! Offers adjustable dual support for belly and back that grows along with you.

Cushions and supports your entire body while aligning joints in a neutral position. A great sleeping buddy, too!

Removable, washable zippered cover

Body Wedges

Contour Backmax Plus, TanContour Backmax Support SystemBody AlignerInflatable BackMax Body Wedge System, WideWedge Pillow for Acid Reflux (32My Brest Friend 3 in 1 Body Pillow, White

Sleeping Wedges Available from Wayfair

 Acid Reflux Sleep Wedge Cover Cover for The Acid Reflux Sleep Wedge Bed Wedge Pillow Foam Wedge Leg Wedge Pillow?

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