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Slush Cup Maker

Slush Cup Maker

On a hot steamy summer day, turn your boring liquid drink into a cold refreshing icee with a slush cup maker. Slushies are a tasty treat and cool you off. However, buying them at a snowball stand can be expensive, especially for a family. Not only do you save money by making them at home, it’s a fun activity for the kids. There are several ways to make a slush drink. These cups make it easy to turn your favorite beverage into a slushy.

Original Slush Cup

In just a few minutes you can turn any naturally sweetened beverage into a cool slushee with the original slush cup. It’s awesome because it doesn’t water down your drinks like it would if you tried to make a slush in a blender with ice. The secret to creating these slushees to the perfect consistency is the glaciercore. To use just freeze the glaciercore pour in your favorite drink and bam a slushie in minutes. Slush mugs come with a life time guarantee. Get one for you or save by getting multiples for a couple or the family. Available in red, teal purple and blue.

The Original Slush Mug – RedSLUSH MUGS Frozen Beverage Slushie Cups –SLUSH MUGS Frozen Beverage Red Slushie CupsSlush Mugs – Frozen Beverage Slushie Cups

Slushy Magic As Seen TV

Slushy magic as seen on tv makes shaking your favorite drink into a slushie look like so much fun. Now you can easily make slushies at home with a magic slushy maker. Kids enjoy seeing how the slushy magic cubes turn a regular drink into a cold slushy in just minutes.

Transform Any Drink Into A Slushy!
Just freeze the slushy magic cubes, drop them in the shaker cup, add your favorite cold drink and shake, shake, shake. You can use the cup over and over again to make cool frozen drinks.

Slushy Magic Slush Cup

Slushy Magic-Official Commercial

Disney Princess Slushy Magic

Slushy Magic Disney Princesses, 1 ea

Your little girl will love watching her liquid drink turn into a frozen surprise in the disney princess slushy magic. Just pour the drink into the cup, add the magic frozen cubes and shake, shake, shake magical.


Squeeze Cup Slush Maker

Slushify your drink in 3 easy steps with the squeeze cup slush maker. First place the chill factor slush maker cup in freezer till frozen. Next, pour in your favorite chilled drink. Now comes the fun part, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. In just a few minutes you’ll have a delicious frozen slushy treat. Enjoy

The Chill Factory Chill Factor Slushy Maker,

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