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Small Feminine Tattoos

Are You Looking For Some Small Feminine Tattoos?

Tattoos are extremely popular in the United States. It has changed from being a stigma of rock star status or bikers to going mainstream.

A lot more women are also getting tattoos and many of them are getting smaller, feminine ones.

Tattoos can be so individualized that they can be tailored to many different groups of people. They have changed a lot from just having your name written in calligraphy.

You can get your initials and have them embroidered with butterflies or flowers or with colors. A feminine touch would be to use cursive scripts.

One concern some women have about getting a tattoo is the physical ramifications later on. Tattoos come in many sizes so you have options when getting one.

You can put a small feminine tattoo somewhere discreet so colleagues, co-workers, or employers can’t see it. Your foot, back, or stomach are good places to hide a small tattoo.

Some people don’t think that tattoos are very feminine but if you put them in the right area of your body, it can be very sensual.

A woman who practices one of the Asian religions may choose to get a tattoo of the yin and yang symbol. This would represent balance and the significance of it.

There are subtle religious and small tattoo designs you can select from.

Your tattoo art can be a strong representation of your faith.

A Star of David tattoo is a good choice for a woman who is Jewish and wants to be tied to the lineage and history of the Jewish tradition.

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Butterfly Tattoos: Over 500 Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Tattoos: Over 500 Butterfly Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Pictures Including Tribal, Flowers, Wings, Fairy,View Now

Are you looking for butterfly tattoos? If yes, you’ve come to the right place as this is the most complete collection of butterfly tattoo designs you’ll ever find. With over 400 designs and quality color pictures, this book is the perfect solution for anyone looking for butterfly tattoos.

If you want to get a new butterfly tattoo and you’re not yet 100% sure about the design you want, make sure you check out this book before going to see your tattoo artist. Chances are very high that you’ll find your dream design in this book.

Tattoo artists and any other tattoo lover will certainly find a great deal of inspiration in this book as it offers a great variety of butterfly designs, many of which are unique designs you’ll probably never find elsewhere.


Be sure you research when you are considering tattoo art on your body

The most important aspect is safety, before tattoo designs!

Tattoos bring infection risk, even if it is just a small tattoo. The tattoo parlor you choose should be clean and have certifications that are appropriate for designing tattoos.

It is also a good idea to get together with the tattoo artist prior to your appointment to ensure that you and he/ she are exactly on the same page and you will get what you want.

If you can, bring a picture or drawing of the design you want to have and be clear about what you want. The tattoo will be there for the rest of your life so make sure you are getting what you had in mind.

With the tattoo craze going on, many women are joining the tattoo population. You can have a tattoo and still keep your femininity.

Small Feminine Tattoos 

Put a rose or butterfly on the small area of your back to entice attention to your curves.

A ring or sun around your navel is very sensual.

A small tattoo on your ankle or wrist is very attractive, yet not overpowering. There are a lot of things you can do with small, feminine tattoos!

Small Tattoo Design Ideas & Temporary Tattoos

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Tattoo Art of Crosses | Cross tattoos are in fashion again.

Many celebrity tattoos feature the Cross.

Tattoos have risen in popularity in recent years and are loved by the old and young and all different kinds of people. One of the tattoo designs that is very popular are cross tattoos.

You may think that you have to be religious and a devout follower in order to get a cross needled into your skin, but that is not the case.

There are many different styles of crosses and meanings to them.

If you are considering getting a cross tattoo, the following information should help narrow down your search and make a decision.

A very popular tattoo design choice of a cross is the Christian cross. There are a couple crosses that can be chosen and worked on artistically by the tattoo artist.

One is the Crucifix, which is the one that Jesus was nailed on. This one sometimes includes a crown of thorns and the nails, but not always. The other cross is simpler; the wooden cross, and is known as the Latin cross.
You may choose to have a cross tattoo made out of objects that are not crosses.

For designs that are less religious, some people may choose to have a skull with sword blades crossing it, or swords crossing each other in the middle.

Some also choose to get cross tattoos in memory of someone. The artist can add dates and/or names somewhere on or around the cross.

There are so many possibilities when looking for a cross tattoo design. Be creative and choose something that is meaningful to you.

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Cross Tattoos: Over 400 Cross Tattoo Designs, Pictures and Ideas of Celtic, Tribal, Christian, Irish and Gothic Crosses

Cross Tattoos: Over 400 Cross Tattoo Designs, Pictures and Ideas of Celtic, Tribal, Christian, IrishView Now

Whether you are planning to get a new tattoo and are looking for tattoo ideas or you are just a tattoo lover and want to see some great cross tattoo designs, this book will not disappoint.

With over 400 cross designs, this book is probably the most complete collection of cross tattoos you will ever find. From Celtic crosses to religious, Irish, tribal, ornamental and Gothic crosses, all are well represented in this book.

If you plan to get a new tattoo, make sure you first check the 430 cross designs from this book. Tattoos are permanent and hard to remove; do not take chances – make sure you choose the best design before going to see your tattoo artist.


The intricate Celtic cross tattoo is a classic skin ink design!

Also the Gothic cross tattoos are always very popular.

For those descended from the Scottish, Welsh, and Irish, the Celtic cross has a lot of meaning.

The cross tattoo represents continuous spiritual development, as well as showing heritage pride. For others, Celtic crosses are in demand due to their beauty and intricate work.

The Celtic cross has complex knots, which are never beginning and never ending.

One cross that does not have religious significance about it is the Gothic cross, even though it is based on the cross of Christ. It is a popular choice in tattoo designs and it is often in the center and then has things woven through it, such as swords, wires, or knives.

The Iron cross dates back to the 14th century, when the Teutonic Kings made it their symbol. It later, in 1870, became a symbol of the German military.

People will often choose the Iron cross as a tattoo design due to their heritage. They also choose it because it stands for strength and honor.

The Iron cross looks similar to a typical cross, but it is shorter and the ends are wider.

Add Some Color to Your Tattos

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