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My Favorite Snack and Guilty Pleasure : Potato Chips

Living in Austin, Texas is great for those who want to practice healthy eating habits, with diligent nutrition conscious folks insisting that we must all have servings of fruits and veggies daily. Yes California also has such a reputation. But if sometimes you want so badly to enjoy your favorite snack , and not feel guilty, then do like me. Throw up your hands and say “Eh! You only live once! I’m going for it!” Then you break open a bag or canister of potato chips. It’s a weakness. :)

LAY’S® Classic Potato Chips is my chip of choice. The company, Fritolay, sometimes has a contest where they ask folks to create a chip flavor or recommend one and they pick a winner. ( Do US a Flavor ) Was in our local grocery store and not sure if it was the winning flavor from last year’s contest, but it got my vote for being tasty and smack-a-licious! It was Bacon Mac-n-Cheese flavor. Tasted some free samples. Could have eaten ten bags, but couldn’t afford to buy them. Tight budget.

Didn’t really think the bacon, mac-n-cheese flavor was so different or out of the ordinary. Found this link at Mental Floss (below). How about … Honey soy chicken chips? Blueberry chips? There are others. Because chips are my weakness, wouldn’t mind trying them all. :)

Harness, Jill. “Chips, Crisps, Croustilles: A Global Tour of Unusual Potato Chip Flavors.Mental Floss. Mental Floss®, 8 June 2012. Web. 16 Apr. 2015.

If You’re Going to Indulge in a Guilty Pleasure?

Might as well go gourmet!

Natural Nectar Oolala Potato Chips, Black Truffle and Olive Oil, 5 Ounce

Lay’s Kettle Cooked 40% Less Fat Jalapeño Cheddar Flavored Potato Chips, 1.375 Ounce (Pack of 64)

Late July Organic Sweet Potato Snack Chips, 5.5 oz

Sanders Dark Chocolate Potato Chips 16oz Container

Fresh Gourmet Crispy snacks … onions, red peppers, jalapenos, etc. … Lightly Salted

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