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Simply Awesome Toys for Winter and Snow

The Best Winter Toys

Kids love winter, or let’s put it this way, kids love snow. Children love the snowballs, the snow forts, the sledding and anything to do with the fluffy white stuff that adults curse and swear at all winter. So when the snow flies and the kids want to go outside here are toys, sleds and games that will keep them occupied all day long.

Even Mom and Dad might want to jump on a sled or a toboggan and take a ride down the big hill. Biggest problem finding sleds is by the time snow arrives in January or February stores have taken down their winter supplies and are preparing for Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day or Easter.

So what is a parent to do when a big storm is predicted with lots of snow. Get on Amazon and order for your winter fun to arrive at your door.

Ultimate Snow Ball Fight

Supplies to making snow balls

I’ve been in my fair share of snow ball fights when I was little. We used to stock pile snowballs in our fort and use them as an arsenal when the opposing team showed their faces. But hand making snowballs takes time, and your gloves get wet, and your hands get cold.

Here are some snowball making tools that will build your supply of snowballs so you can concentrate on throwing. In fact if you want to increase the distance of your throwing capabilities get a snowball slinger.

KOVOT Snowball Maker and Thrower Set of 2 – 1 Blue & 1 RedSnofling Snow Ball Throwing Stick, Colors May Vary(Includes 1 Snofling)Ideal Sno StrikerSnow Toys Snowballs Maker Snowballs Fight Tool Device (Color with Random Delivery)

Building Snow Forts

Make a Snow Fort out of Snow, or a PreBuilt Fort

Many hours I spend digging snow forts out of the giant snow piles at the end of the driveway. My brother would build on one side and I would build on the other, with the anticipation of a giant snowball fight in the end. However, it normally took so long to build them we never got to our snow war.

Here are some tools that will build that awesome snow igloo, snow fort, or snow castle. You can even use an inflatable snow fort for the little kids who are too small to build their own snow fort. They won’t know the difference.

Paricon Snow Castle Kit (20-Inch)Ideal Sno-Castle KitShip from USA – IMAXPLUS Inflatable Snow Castle with LED Light for Snowball Fights – Children Winter Toys [Pink Fortress]Building Snow Forts (How-To Library)

Ultimate Snow Ball Fight

Have an Old Fashioned Snowball Fight

There are Rules for a Snowball fight.

1. Fight fair, don’t hide rocks or ice inside the snow
2. When someone yells TIME everyone stops
3. Don’t aim for the face, on purpose, it should be an oops.
4. The last fort with snowballs left wins.

Snowtime Anytime Indoor Snowball Fight Set – Includes 2 Inflatable Snowball Shields and 6 SnowballsSno-Striker Snowball Shooter – Get The Upper Hand In A Winter Snow Fight

The Best Snow Sleds for Winter

Sleds and Snow Racers

Nothing beats the thrill of racing down a hill on a flexible flyer, toboggan or saucer that is out of control. The rush of cold air in your face and snow flying is enough excitement to walk back up the hill and do it again. If you are lucky you can find a ski resort that will carry you and your sled back up the hill on a ski lift.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Snow Moto Zip SledDespicable Me Snow Moto Rush Racer SledGeospace Ski Skooter: Fold-up Snowboard Kick-Scooter for Use on Snow & Grass, Assorted ColorsFlexible Flyer SledLucky Bums Snow Kid’s Snow Racer Extreme Sled (Blue)Solstice Tubester – All Season Sports Tube, 39-InchMountain Boy Sledworks Mountain Boggan 6-Foot Toboggan by Mountain Boy SledworksMountain Boy Sledworks Bambino Superior Pull SledLucky Bums Plastic Racer Sled, 40-Inch, Blue/YellowStiga GT Supreme Snow Racer

More Fun and Games in the Snow

Snow Toys for Winter Fun

Besides snowball fights and sledding is the hiking in the snow, building snow ramps, and building snowmen. Raiding the hall closet for scarfs and hats for your snowman is fun, but Moms don’t like it too much when the good mittens get lost in the snow. A carrot is good for a nose, but coal for the eyes are hard to come by anymore so a snowman kit is perfect.

KOVOT Build a Snowman Decorating Kit – 13 Pieces Included!Dress Your Own Snowman KitIdeal Sno-Marker Sno-Man KitSnowman Making Kit (Red)Complete Snowman Decorating Kit Everything You Need to Decorate the Perfect SnowmanSnow Man Kit — Build Your Own Snowman, and Dress Him UP

Last but not least get your winter exercise with snowshoes and take a cross country hike into a winter wonderland. Cross country skiing is not only good exercise, but you don’t have to pay high ski lift rates, but find your local walking trail and spend time as a family outdoors.

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    These kits beat the hard work of digging a snow fort! Wonderful winter snow toys.

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