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Social Media For Businesses Is Not Social Media Without The Marketing

Social media, in my opinion, is all the rage, because it is the easiest out of all the internet marketing strategies to implement and most of it is free. Since most businesses do not want to spend money marketing themselves, social media fits anyone’s business model. There is a huge excitement with social media, because the social media websites make most people feel like they are part of a community and it has amazingly resurrected older communities like high school students and companies where people used to work.

However, social media for BUSINESS is an entirely different ball game altogether. The only thing that I see wrong with social media as a rage is that entrepreneurs often forget that it is called social media “marketing”. Business owners still need a basic knowledge and understanding of marketing 101. Social media is no different than broadcast media (TV and Radio) or print media (newspapers and magazines). Social media is just a medium. Without a basic understanding of marketing 101, most businesses miss the mark when using social media. In other words, just because Facebook has 500 million members does not mean that a business will reach 500 million customers, but I have a feeling that some businesspeople think that way. Businesses still need to target the market and plan their marketing and not just post to Facebook or Twitter. It doesn’t work that way. I have gotten clients from Facebook and Twitter, because I know how to target the market on them.

Social Media For Business is Not Social Media without the marketing

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