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Solar Lantern Lighting for Outdoor Landscapes

Spring is here and it is a great time to start spending time in your outdoor garden. Extended daylight hours can make it possible to spend a longer time in your backyard. As you are probably aware night blooming perennials open up during the middle of a moonlight plant environment.

So if you want to capture that special moment from your plantain Lily, Evening Primrose, Oriental Poppy, and Fairy Lily night plants. You will want to add solar lantern lighting to keep your walkways and pathways well lit at night.

Solar Cell Technology

It is the lantern’s solar cell technology that absorbs sun rays to provide you with enough solar energy to keep your night garden a wonderful place to grow plants that bloom and give scented flower fragrances.

Some landscaping ideas include having plenty of seating on an outdoor patio furniture set in an open area near your home. Interestingly having a nice moon garden sitting area  in your backyard will be  a great place to entertain guests.

Energy Saving LED Lighting

The lantern being featured has energy saving LED’s in each light for better display options. The Lighthouse inspired design can be placed on any flat surfaces where the sun will fully charge the  Ni-MH battery during the day. This will give you up to 8 hours of solar power lighting to use at night in the front and back of your house, condo or duplex.

It is recommended that you keep your Black Umbrella Hanging Solar Lantern as your garden accessory. You will have 2 lanterns in each pack making it easy to buy more solar lighting fixtures to display out on your backyard patio at night.

Here are a few choices for using solar lamps for a moonlit garden.

 Smart Solar 3960KR1 San Rafael II Solar Mission Lantern Smart Solar 3900kr1 San Rafael Mission Style Solar Lantern Smart Solar 3782WRM2 Black Umbrella Hanging Solar Lantern, 2-Pack Yards & Beyond – Solar accent lighting. Dual Use Coach Style Solar Lights Smart Solar/Smart Solar 3011WRM1 Solar Scroll Light. Antique brown Solar Power Lantern Lamp lights Outdoor Hand Crank 7 LED Bright Garden Light Gifts & Decor Stained Glass Light Solar Powered Floral Garden Lantern

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