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Solar Powered Wind Chime Ideas

Solar wind chimes are great for any patio or porch if you live in a hot climate or sunny state. The nice thing about having this eco-friendly decor is that it is beautiful in shape, color and design.

You can choose from glass, copper, silver or wood carved into a zen style for easy movement and musical tones from the breezy parts of the day.

The advantages of the solar wind chimes is that they utilize the energy from the sun to help power the LED light inside the dome shape sphere in the center.

I recommend getting the crackle textured glass because of the many colorful globes that come in crimson red, emerald green and cobalt blue. These make great garden ornaments for your home or green design landscape.

Garden Feng Shui for the Home

Many use these wind chimes to live a life of balance with Feng Shui as well as to observe the changes in weather or wind direction. Garden wind chimes can add a nice decoration to your yard landscape.

Some of the best features is how the wind will create these beautiful sounds depending on what type of materials the chimes are made of from wood, stone, resin, plastic, bamboo, glass, metal or other geometrical shapes. Color changing illuminating wind chimes is a nice addition to any outdoor living space with the use of the sun’s natural rays for powering multi-colored LED displays during the dusk hours.

Types of Wind Chimes for Patio Lawn and Garden

As you are probably aware the influence of India, Asia, China and Rome you can find a variety of types of outdoor wind chimes decor. The interesting thing is that some of these chimes serve multiple purposes depending if they are made out of a tube, aluminum, or hand carved.

My personal favorite would have to be the ones that are lighted, musical or weather resistant. The ones that are decorative, or musical can be seen hanging in your back porch area or gazebo.

Here is an example of a stainless steel solar illuminated wind chime:  Another popular one is the Solar Powered Color Changing Glass Ball Wind-chime:



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