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Somewhere to Belong

Book Review:  Somewhere to Belong

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Somewhere to Belong is the first of the Daughters of Amana series written by Judith Miller.

Amana, Iowa is the home of a colony of plain people in March 1877. Johanna Ilg  had lived in Amana all of her 21 years with her parents. Her brother Wilhelm had chosen to leave the colony several years before and lived in Chicago.

Somewhere to Belong

Somewhere to Belong

The people here worked together and ate their meals together in a communal kitchen. Johanna was  assigned to help in the kitchen. Her mom worked in the garden. Her dad worked in the barn taking care of the animals. They shared their home with an elderly lady who had no living family and have learned that  a doctor, along with his wife and daughter would be coming to live there too.

The doctor’s name was Schumacher and their daughter was Berta, a seventeen year old. Berta was assigned to work in the kitchen and Johanna was to train her. Berta was very head strong and refused to obey the rules so she was always in trouble.

Berta did not like wearing the plain clothes as she wanted to have fun and she liked the boys. A combination for sure trouble.

Johanna had been asking to go visit her brother in Chicago but her parents did not want to allow it. She wrote her brother and asked him to come visit and allow her to come for a visit. When he and his wife came Johanna discovered a secret had been kept from her.

Berta also discovered a secret her dad had been keeping.

Read the book to see how both she and Johanna find where they belong.

I rated this book as a 4.

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