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Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont


Stained Glass Hearts

Patsy Clairmont has written several books. She tends to have a knack for making people laugh and is  a Women of Faith Speaker so she is well known.

Stained Glass Hearts is a more serious  book.  It deals with having a brokenness to us. She compares our lives to stained glass windows.  Stained glass windows are made from broken pieces of glass fitted together and put together with liquid metal to make a beautiful picture.

Patsy also explores art, music, Scripture, and poetry.She explains how God can take our brokenness and restore and redeem us even after we think we are beyond repair.  She enables us to see our potential for color, sparkle and great purpose through God. She reminds us that we should not quit . Stained glass enables us to see inside rather than outside.

Sometimes we think we can fix ourself by working harder or that we can adjust our life to avoid the things that scare us. Patsy tells of her fears, and her addiction to prescription meds and how she  was able to overcome this.  She was homebound and almost bedbound.  She now travels all over and speaks to conventions.

When she had a relationship with God things started changing for her. God speaks to her through music, poetry, Scripture, paintings etc. Through  this she discovered stained glass connection.  God is the stained glass Rock of Ages and through Him there is redemption.

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