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Stair Tread Rugs

Carpet Stair Treads

Not only do carpet stair treads reduce noise on your staircases, but they add traction, too, therefore preventing you and your family from tripping or falling down the stairs.

These stair treads also protect your stairs from scratches, scuffs, and chips, They are also great for pets who slip and slide on wood floors and steps by offering traction.

Stair tread rugs also offer decorative touches to your home. Choose a solid color, or a design print that goes well with your other home decor.

You can find stair treads for indoor and outdoor use, so you can add these safety features to every staircase around the inside and outside living areas of your home.

Featured Item

Aqua Shield Camel Brittany Leaf Stair Tread

Will not mold or mildew and resistant to the most extreme weather elements. Molded design will not crush or break down over time or use. Non-skid and SBR rubber backing is green friendly with 25% recycled rubber. Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute. Perfect for any set of stair in your home!

Aqua Shield Camel Brittany Leaf Stair TreadAqua Shield Camel Brittany Leaf Stair TreadView Now

Stair Tread Rugs on Wayfair

Brown Stair Tread

Brown Stair TreadBrown Stair Tread

These remind me of a country style braided area rug. I love the fact that they are oval/oblong shape rather than rectangular, too. It makes them unique and quite stylish!

Family-friendly construction stands up to kids, pets and heavy traffic. Crush-resistant woven fiber filling provides cushiony support and ensures long life. Reversible for twice the wear.

Sisal Casual Living Stair Treads

Sisal Casual Living Stair TreadsSisal Casual Living Stair Treads

These carpet stair treads offer a simple, clean look that is elegant and stylish.

Perfect for Pets! Protects you and your floors, adds traction to reduce risk of slipping on stairs and adds cushioning for more comfort.

Durable and great for high traffic areas, anti-static, sound absorbing, naturally resilient, fire retardant and earth friendly.

Dark Beige Stair Tread

Dark Beige Stair TreadDark Beige Stair Tread

Simplicity at its finest! These dark beige stair treads are ideal for any decor style and room colors.

Make sure your stairs are safe from slipping with the help of these skid-resistant stair treads, perfect for any wooden staircase. Featuring a rubber backing, these treads will last in your home for years and years to come.

Decca Somerset Stair Tread

Decca Somerset Stair TreadDecca Somerset Stair Tread

All natural, hand crafted by an artisan rug maker. Carpet stair treads adds a bit of fashion to any staircase. They are are also a great addition to any house with small children. Not only do carpet stair treads reduce noise on staircase but add traction therefore preventing you or your family members from tripping or falling down the stairs.

Stair Tread Carpet

These carpet pieces for your stairs will help keep your family safe, while reducing the risk of falls on slippery stairways. Use them indoors or outdoors for safety, as well as for pretty, decorative touches on your stairs.

 Aqua Shield Charcoal Brittany Leaf Stair Tread Black Stair Tread Dark Brown Brittany Leaf Stair Tread Olivera Blue/Gray Stair Tread Market Mix Rectangle Sea Glass Stair Treads Catalina Fireball Stair Tread

Stair Tread Rugs on Amazon

Set of 15 Skid-resistant Carpet Stair Treads – Chocolate Brown

5 Size Options Available!

Set of 15 Skid-resistant Carpet Stair TreadsSet of 15 Skid-resistant Carpet Stair Treads

Chocolate brown goes well with just about any decor colors you have in your home, and it doesn’t easily show dirt, which is nice, too! These carpet stair treads feature a thick, premium, skid-resistant rubber backing to create a safer, more secure walking surface for your family and pets.

Can be placed directly onto most hard stairs to protect the surface and create traction (they do not attach). For additional security you may also use double-sided tape or carpet tacks (not included).

Made of high-quality olefin carpet to resist stains. Bound on all edges to prevent fraying.

Peel & Stick Bullnose Wraparound Non-Skid Carpet Stair Treads

Dean Modern DIY Peel & Stick BullnoseDean Modern DIY Peel & Stick Bullnose

I love that these stair treads wrap around the front overhang of your steps. This helps protect your steps from scuffs and scratches, and it offers an elegant and appealing look to your staircase, as well.

These stair treads will not damage your flooring, and they are easy to apply. Use them anywhere you want extra traction for your steps or stairways.

Set of 15 indoor Floral/Flowers Carpet Stair Treads

Sold in Sets & Individually!

KEYAMA Acrylic Set of 15 indoor Floral/FlowersKEYAMA Acrylic Set of 15 indoor Floral/Flowers

You can buy these carpet stair treads in various set sizes and individual sizes.

Brown or red color options are available in a feminine floral design that will dress up the interior of your home.

Imagine these in a grand foyer. They will really make a statement!

Rug Depot Premium Carpet Stair Treads

149696 - Rug Depot Premium Carpet Stair149696 – Rug Depot Premium Carpet Stair

Protect your wooden stairs and entryways from wear and tear with these pretty stair treads. These premium stair treads add a warm look to the home while protecting wood from scratches, dirt and wear. These Stair Tread Sets include 13 treads. Each tread is bound with color matching binding. Easy do-it-yourself installation. Please ensure Stair Treads are secure on your stairs.

Stair Treads for Your Home

These stair treads not only protect your stairs from scratches, scuffs, and chips, they help keep you and your family from slipping and falling, too. They are great for pets who slip and slide on wood floors, as well.

 NaturalAreaRugs Halton Carpet Stair Treads with Peel Comfy Stair Tread Treads Indoor Skid Slip Soloom Non Slip Stair Treads Carpet Set NaturalAreaRugs Sydney Carpet Stair Treads with Peel (Set of 13) Non-Slip (23-inch x 8-inch) Ottomanson Comfort Collection Soft Solid (Non-Slip) Shag NaturalAreaRugs Fulton Jute Carpet Stair Treads, 9-Inch Dean Non-Slip Tape Free Pet Friendly Dog Dean Premium Carpet Stair Treads – Panel Dean Premium Non-Skid Carpet Stair Treads/Runner Rugs Yinbei Pastoral Style Premium Carpet Stair Tread Rubber-Cal 6-Piece Regal Stair Treads Rubber Step Harrison Weave Washable Stair Treads-9 NaturalAreaRugs Riverwalk Carpet Stair Treads 9 Set of 15 Tape-Down Carpet Stair Treads

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