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Out of this World Star Wars Christmas Decor

Star Wars Christmas Decor – The Force is Strong

Whether you are a fan of Star wars or a collector, Christmas is always a great time to add to your Star Wars collection. A fun way to add an item or few is to decorate your home with Star Wars Christmas Decorations.

If you are not ready to go all out, and decorate your whole house wit Star Wars Christmas decor think about adding an item or 2 for fun or maybe even just decorate a wall or corner with a few fun pieces.

We love to have more than one Christmas tree with each having its own theme. Wouldn’t it be fun to have one tree totally covered with your Star Wars Christmas decor? It is a fun way to collect a few things that we love.

I love finding new pieces of Star Wars Christmas decor each year, like this Dart Vader Christmas ornament with Darth Vader in an ugly Christmas sweater. This one really made me giggle last year. Can you imagine Darth Vader in an ugly Christmas sweater?

 Star Wars – Holiday Darth Vader Ornament 2015 Hallmark

Star Wars Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Star Wars Inflatable Decorations are BIG on Fun

What better place to start thinking about Christmas decor than your front yard. One of the best memories I have of when I was little was driving around town looking at Christmas lights and decorations. I love to make fun displays at Christmas for everyone going by to enjoy.

Any of these Star Wars outdoor Christmas decorations are sure to bring smiles to everyone going by. I love that the are all inflatable, so they are big and sure not to be missed. I kind of have my eye on the one with Chewbacca putting the star on the top of the Christmas tree, but either inflatable Darth Vader is pretty cool too.

If you are like me and love to decorate with fun themes for Christmas, just think of all of the cool scenes you could make in your yard with some of these cool outdoor Star Wars inflatable decorations.


Star Wars Christmas Tree Decorations

Tips to decorate your Star Wars Christmas Tree

The easiest way to add some Star Wars Christmas fun in your home is by adding it to your Christmas Tree. You can find many types of Star Wars Christmas ornaments, Star Wars Christmas Lights, Star Wars Tree toppers, and even a Star Wars tree skirt. Below are a few of my favorites of each that I was able to find.

If you really want to show your love for all things Star Wars I suggest having a themed Christmas tree in your home with only Star Wars Christmas decorations adorning it. This could be your main tree or if you love your classic Christmas tree, just add a second tree.

First, decide where this tree will be and how big you would like it to be. Next, decide what color this tree will be. You are not limited to a green tree. I love the idea of having a dark blue artificial Christmas Tree for Star Wars Christmas decorations. It feels more like your Star Wars decorations are floating out in deep space.

Finally, select your favorite decorations below and have fun decorating! How about a Star Wars Themed Christmas Party to get some help?

Star Wars Christmas Tree Ornaments


Star Wars Christmas Tree Lights

Light up your tree with your favorite character from Star Wars or better yet mix and match a few. How aboout a light side and a dark side?


Star Wars Christmas Tree Topper

Top your Star Wars Christmas tree with one of these two guys, each holds a light up light sabre. Will you choose light or dark?


Star Wars Christmas Tree Skirt
No Star Wars Christmas tree is complete without a Star Wars Christmas tree skirt.


Star Wars Christmas Stocking

Every Star Wars fans requires their very own Star Wars Christmas stocking for Santa to stuff full of more Star wars goodies. Stockings are another easy and great way to add to your Star Wars Christmas decor. If you are lucky to have a fireplace you have to have them hanging from your mantle. If you do not have a mantle it is still easy to create a fun display. I love to use the sticky back contact hooks, they allow me to hang stockings just about anywhere, such as an empty wall, around a doorway, or even a fireplace that does not have a mantle.


Star Wars Nutcrackers

I love these Star Wars nutcrackers! Nutcrackers have become a favorite item to use in decorating our home at Christmas time. I love how versatile they are. You can easily add one to a table or shelf and you have an instant decoration. They are also great for creating your favorite Star Wars scene on a table top, shelf, or under the tree but with a fun Christmas twist.



Have a Merry Star Wars Christmas!

Christmas Star Wars Yoda May The Gifts Be With You Graphic T-Shirt (Small)

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