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Starburst Clocks

Starburst & Sunburst Style Clocks & Wall Clocks

A beautiful clock can be a useful tool and a work of art at the same time. Take the case of the Starburst Clock. Here is a fabulously designed clock or wall clock that is surely a unique piece of art and a wonderful addition to the practicalities of your home as well. Just as one would have wall art, a wall clock can enhance your home decor and brighten up any wall in the home. They are not only unique but are statement pieces of cool wall art and can be a fantastic retro modern addition to any room in your home.

Below there are many great designs to admire and maybe, just maybe, you might want one for your home. If you are into the mid-century modern look, these fit the bill! These clocks and wall clocks make a terrific statement to your decor and range from the original great designer George Nelson to Lexmod and many more.

Telechron Classic Wooden Sunburst Clock, Multi

George Nelson’s clock designs embody the spirit of the 1950’s with their whimsical forms and use of materials. Made with and using the same materials and workmanship that was used back in 1950’s, uses 1 AA battery. Dimensions: 18.5″ diameter Battery: 1x AA (included)

Telechron Classic Wooden Sunburst Clock, MultiView on Amazon

The Starburst/Sunburst Clock

Sunburst Wall Clocks

This sunburst wall clock offers a vintage look with a modern flare. Choose the basic chrome colored sunburst clock or the popular colorful one. They will bring style and interest to any room in which you hang them, and they make unique and lovely gifts, too.

MLF® Sunburst Clock, George Nelson Designed Antique Retro Wall ClocksMLF® Sunburst Clock, George Nelson Designed Antique Retro Wall Clocks

Starburst Retro Wall Clock, Silver

The retro modern look is becoming increasingly popular, and this starburst wall clock will add design and elegance to any room in your home or office. The color is silver, which goes well with any other decor colors you have in your home. For a classy look to any room, add this Starburst Wall Clock!

Starburst Retro Wall Clock, SilverStarburst Retro Wall Clock, Silver

Silver Starburst and Sunburst Clocks

These sunburst clocks in silver and walnut/silver finishes are attractive and very retro/modern in style. You will love displaying these in various rooms throughout your home, and family and guests will enjoy admiring them, as well.

We are lucky to have so many fabulous designs available to us today. We can choose the ideal clocks according to our taste and design style, which is fantastic!

Hang a starburst or sunburst clock in your living room/family room, office/den, basement bar area, dining room, bedroom, and anywhere else you want to add classic design elements with a modern feel.



George Nelson Wooden Starburst Clock

George Nelson clocks were inspired by a festive evening of collaboration. George Nelson himself recalls: “And there was one night when the ball clock got developed…Noguchi came by, and Bucky Fuller came by…we started making doodles. Then Bucky sort of brushed Noguchi aside. He said, ‘This is a good way to do a clock,’ and he made some utterly absurd thing. Everybody was taking a crack at it, pushing each other aside and making scribbles…and the next morning there was this roll of drafting paper and somewhere in this roll there was the ball clock.”

George Nelson clocks are collectible and inspiring. You’ll be proud to display his work in your home or office in the form of a starburst wall clock.

George Nelson Wooden Starburst Clock on Amazon

George Nelson Sunburst Clocks

The Sunburst Clock (1949) is one of more than 150 clocks designed by George Nelson Associates for the Howard Miller Clock Company, which sold them from 1949 into the 1980s. Nelson Associates, first launched as a studio by George Nelson in 1947 in New York City, employed some of the most celebrated designers of the time, including Irving Harper, Don Ervin and Charles Pollock, all of whom contributed to the clocks. Until its closure in the mid-1980s, the company designed a range of products for many clients, including Herman Miller, Inc., which was established in 1923 by Howard Miller’s brother-in-law, D.J. De Pree



Starburst Retro Wall Clock, Silver

Starburst Retro Wall Clock on Amazon, Silver

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