Steinbach Chubby Character Nutcrackers

Steinbach Chubby Christmas Themed Character Nutcrackers

Chubby Christmas themed Character Nutcrackers are favorite collectibles for many individuals. The Steinbach family lived in a mountainous region of Germany and formed a business several hundred years ago. Their carved products including a variety of chubby Christmas themed character nutcrackers and products have become synonymous with skilled craftsmanship and top quality items.

Fast forward to to the twenty-first century and two members of the Steinbach family emerge to take charge of the creative juices of the company. Karla Steinbach is the leading figure along with daughter Karolin are the public faces of the company. Christmas themed character nutcrackers are a favorite holiday collectible for many families to give or receive as gifts. There are many funny or serious nutcrackers that will delight the owners for many years to come.

Steinbach Chubby Character Nutcrackers

Nutcrackers became popular when American soldiers returned from tours located in Germany. Incredibly, German legend states that nutcrackers represent powerful authority figures. As a result, you will find many chubby Christmas themed character nutcrackers that are dressed as police officers, soldiers, and other officials. Steinbach nutcrackers are made from dried wood of fir trees and provide many years of lasting holiday enjoyment.

Steinbach Civil War General Sherman Nutcracker - SignedSteinbach Civil War General Sherman Nutcracker – SignedSteinbach Western Cowboy German Nutcracker - SignedSteinbach Western Cowboy German Nutcracker – SignedSteinbach Tchaikovsky NutcrackerSteinbach Tchaikovsky NutcrackerSteinbach General Lee  Limited EditionSteinbach General Lee Limited Edition

Traditional Old World Steinbach Santa Nutcrackers

Old world, traditional and stylized Santa nutcrackers are greatly loved and appreciated. Some of the Steinbach Santa nutcrackers are prized collectibles because they are signed with limited availability and numbers. Nutcrackers add a special flair to your holiday decor.

Steinbach Blue Russian Santa Claus 18Steinbach Blue Russian Santa Claus 18Steinbach Chubby Star Santa NutcrackerSteinbach Chubby Star Santa Nutcracker17171818

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  1. Gypzeerose

    Thanks so much for this little Nugget about these special nutcrackers. I liked the historical information about the Steinback company.

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