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Stocking Stuffers for the Zombie Apocalypse

Gifts That Will Help Anyone Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Are you worried about your friends and family surviving the Zombie Apocalypse? You should be! Here are the best stocking stuffers for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Hang your Christmas stockings by the chimney with care. Fill it full of these survival goodies for when the Zombies get there!

Do you need a last minute Christmas gift idea for someone who is into the prepping lifestyle? Or someone who is worried about the Zombie Apocalypse? All of these items are exactly what they will want when the horde of zombies come stumbling onto their property.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

A Time Magazine Invention of the Year winner

The Life Straw will save your butt from getting sick when your up in the mountains or out in the woods. No longer drink invested water! The LifeStraw contains no chemicals, no batteries and no moving parts to wear out.

It features a high flow rate and weighs only 2oz. It is perfect for the Ultralight backpacker, camper, hiker, traveler, boy scout, hunter or for emergencies.


The Amazing Pocket Chainsaw

The Amazing Pocket Chainsaw

This Pocket Chainsaw is made of high strength, heat-treated steel and is coated for rust resistance.

It’s so convenient it fits in shirt pocket. Can be used by one or two persons. Useful for building your tent or collecting firewood. Be prepared when the zombies show up with the amazing pocket chainsaw. It makes a great gift for preppers and of course your local Zombie Rescue members!


Stocking Stuffers for the Zombie Apocalypse

Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case, 25 Matches – 3 Strikers

Stormproof Match Kit

The Stormproof Match Kit has a waterproof case with 25 stormproof matches and 3 strikers. It features an integrated striker on the outside for an easy location for lighting the matches. It hold up to 40 stormproof matches.

Being able to reliably make a fire is vital for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. This Stormproof Match kit is perfect for camping, car and home emergency kits, and should be part of everyones zombie survival check list.


25 Things You Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

We don’t want to beat around the bush with this one as we know that some of you reading this have probably waited for far too long and are now trying to desperately increase your chances of survival by googling for the things you need (good job on finding an internet connection by the way!)

Survival Seed Vault – Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds – Plant a Full Acre

Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds

You need to plan for the future in order to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. This emergency survival seed vault was created to serve that very purpose.

This seed bank contains 20 heirloom varieties of vegetable seeds that are super easy-to-grow. All seeds come prepackaged in triple-layered foil packets.


The Friendly Swede Magnesium Emergency Fire Starter Blocks

Waterproof Magnesium Firestarters

Fire will be essential to your survival of the Zombie Apocalypse. Your very existence will depend on your ability to start and maintain a fire.

The Friendly Swede’s Magnesium Firestarters are an essential piece of any survival/outdoor kit – waterproof, durable and easy to use. Never leave home without one!


Books To Learn How To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living DeadThe Zombie Outbreak (Surviving the Zombie Nightmare Book 1)The Most Uncommon Cold I – Surviving the Zombie ApocalypseThe Beginning (Surviving the Apocolypse)The Zombie Apocalypse: Book IZombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Zombie T-shirts In All Sizes And Styles

Zombies Are Afraid Of Teachers Ringer ShirtZombies Just Want A Hug Long Sleeve Shirt T ShirtsZombies Just Want A Hug Basic Long T-shirtZombies Are Coming Call The Paramedics ShirtZombie Outbreak Rescue Team Long Sleeve ShirtZombie Hunter Walking Dead Long Sleeve ShirtZombies Are Afraid Of Dispatchers SweatshirtZombies Are Afraid Of Exterminators TshirtsZombies Are Afraid Of Chefs Tee Shirt

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  1. I’m not one of these, but you have a nice supply of gift ideas, also helpful advice, (like the bit about if you can find a internet connection) nice one, I bet many won’t think about that one.
    Thanks for all suggestion, hope you don’t get caught out also.

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