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How To Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

Why Is Smoking Classified As An Addiction?

Smoking is an addiction and addictions as we all know work on subconscious level of the mind of the individual.

So while trying to quit a deadly addiction like this one, you need to consider all the factors affecting this addiction directly or indirectly.

Such factors could be like the stress level in the person’s life as loneliness faced by the person can often make them feel depressed which in turn leads to several addictions like smoking and or drinking.

Smoking can be combated and be completely eradicated from life with a truly determined mind-set. Self hypnosis is an option which could be considered to help you quit smoking forever.

I stopped smoking by making lifestyle changes and using various tools like nicotine patches and also a CD recording of self hypnosis. And it worked, because ten years later, I am still a non-smoker.

Hypnosis as we all know is a mental exercise and you can effectively Stop smoking with hypnosis. It makes the person do what he knows he ought to be doing, but is finding too hard to do.

At such a suggestive mental state, the hypnotist can work with the client to place positive suggestions into the subconscious mind to improve the mind’s willingness to support him when he want to change a bad habit.

Likewise, if hypnosis is used to quit smoking, it can help the individual reach its subconscious mind and motivate him to quit smoking forever.

The power to resist the cravings of having one more cigarette can be combated by doing self hypnosis.

Things which lay in the subconscious of our mind can’t be controlled by us, so if you have been failing to have the power to resist the cravings for one more cigarette, it is clearly not your fault at all.

The nagging desire for a smoke actually means that you crave nicotine. Nicotine addiction is something which never goes away.

That is why so many people cannot ever smoke a cigarette again without immediately returning to their old full addiction to smoking.

Maybe that is the reason why patches and gums by themselves don’t always work in serious smokers cases.

How to Kill Cravings for One More Cigarette?

Hypnosis kills the cravings for nicotine by focusing your subconscious.

Self hypnosis can be expensive in terms of consultation fee to be paid to the hypnotists, but once you make your mind to get rid of that serious addiction of smoking nothing can stop you then.

To save you that cost, you can undergo self hypnosis therapy by using recordings. I bought my CD recordings online and had them shipped to me, but nowadays you can also get them as downloads you cam play on your iPods or from your laptop, even as you are commuting from place to place.

There is a big range of popular Self hypnosis mp3 downloads that are convenient to use and are readily available to buy on websites.

It is the most convenient way to get rid of wrong habits and addictions by making you determined about quitting or either doing a particular task.

It can all be done from the convenience of your home. You need not visit any store, physiologists and counselors anymore.

It helps you reinforce your commitment to your goal and makes you work more seriously to achieve your targets. You just need to download a hypnosis mp3 available online, and listen to the instructions given.

Follow the instructions with full determination and you will see remarkable results fast. You can rely on these hypnosis programs as you can listen as often as you want to, and at the times and locations that are convenient to you.

So motivate yourself to start changing your bad habits like smoking and start working to achieve your healthy targets and goals to quit smoking forever.

You can do it!!!

Audible downloads of Hypnosis to help you quit smoking:

Check out all the help you can get online with audible download programs to help you Quit smoking using hypnosis

There Are Many Ways to Stop Smoking, So Try Them All!

I know that I had to make many lifestyle changes before it all finally came together for me and I was able to quit and never light up again.

I had decided about 20 years earlier that I didn’t want to smoke any more, and I tried some herbal cigarettes first. But my husband kept on smoking in front of me and it didn’t take long before I reached out and lit up one of his ‘real’ tobacco smokes!

But I kept trying to stop over the many years. Everything from going cold turkey – which I definitely do not recommend to anyone, to just trying to ‘cut back’ and smoke less than I was.

For some reason I found it just as hard to cut back as it was to actually stop!

This is what most people find and it makes them think that they will never be able to stop, if they can’t even cope with just cutting down a bit every day.

But once you realize that THIS is the hardest part of the whole process, it will give you hope to keep at it.

I first stopped smoking in the car – as that was a ridiculous habit I picked up, to light up as soon as I sat in the car for even a short 5 minute drive!

That was hard, but I did it, and I celebrated that small lifestyle change and small daily reduction in my smokes.

Then I moved to not smoking in the bedroom. THAT was hard because lighting up was the last thing I did before lying down to sleep and it was the first thing I did as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning.

BUT I persevered, and eventually was able to sleep without a bedtime fag. And I soon adjusted to getting out of bed to have my first one in the morning.

And then I stopped smoking in front of my computer and while using the phone. That was so hard to do that I had to use a brown paper bag to breathe into – lol! I had so much oxygen that I had to breathe some carbon monoxide to not go crazy!

But eventually I mastered being on the phone and working on the computer without an ashtray next to me.

Then the final step was to ban smoking entirely inside the house – anywhere, anytime.

So having to stop doing what I was doing and going outside to sit for a smoke helped me to finally cut back from 60 a day at the start of this process, right back down to 12 -15 a day.

And as I said, THAT was the hardest thing to do in the entire process – cutting back to only a dozen smokes a day.

But once I did, it was a snap to slap on a nicotine patch and listen to my self hypnosis CDs and just stop smoking once and for all!

To do this without going insane, if you are a chain smoker like I was, allow yourself a few months this year to go from start to finish.

But I promise you, it is well worth it – It is the best thing I ever did – and I’m so proud of myself that I have never lit up again!


The Pink Panther – from Sydney, Australia

Smoking can be really really hard to quit, I’ve had relatives who have had a lot of trouble trying to stop because the cravings get so bad!

I think self-hypnosis is the best method that all smokers should use to try and quit. Both my uncles tried it and haven’t lit up once in over 4 years!

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  1. Good article how to stop a smoking addiction.

  2. Quitting smoking is so important. And I have actually heard that this method of stopping is very effective! I recommend checking out hypnosis if you want to quit smoking.

  3. reader comment moved here:

    The Pink Panther
    from Sydney, Australia

    Smoking can be really really hard to quit, I’ve had relatives who have had a lot of trouble trying to stop because the cravings get so bad!

    I think self-hypnosis is the best method that all smokers should use to try and quit. Both my uncles tried it and haven’t lit up once in over 4 years!

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