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Lovely Vintage Strawberry Pictures for the Home

Vintage Strawberry Pictures as Home Decor

Who would think about vintage strawberry pictures when it comes to home decorating ideas? Though, decorating with some nicely framed strawberry posters is a fantastic and cheap way to revamp your home.

Strawberries are lovely and tasty fruits plus, they are perfect substitutes for candy. They also make lovely decorating themes for your home. Vintage strawberry posters were used for commercial purpose (public advertising) and originated from France.

The great thing with vintage posters is that they cover a wide range of topics such as travels, cinema, beverages, vegetables, canned soup, and anything that is related to everyday life. Vintage posters were even used for military propaganda.

Instead of modern graphics, most vintage strawberry pictures are as beautiful as paintings; which makes them perfect wall ornaments. Are you looking for brightly colored and lovely old fashioned images to decorate the home? Then think of vintage strawberry pictures. You’ll be glad you did.

Rustic Vintage Strawberry Pictures for the Kitchen

Posters with a wooden effect

Sweet and Juicy Strawberries

This vintage strawberry poster would fit a country kitchen perfectly as it has a wooden background. It is simple but really nice for the eyes. It is a great way to decorate the kitchen. But this type of poster fits also pretty well areas such as the patio and summer house.

Fresh Strawberries Art Poster PRINT Jennifer Pugh 12×12

Perfect for rustic and countryside style lovers, this poster comes with a wooden feel. The poster will work pretty well in a kitchen, a breakfast room or a veranda that feature a lot of items made out of raw wood.

Strawberry by Kimberly Poloson Wall Picture, Size 12 x 12 inches

This vintage strawberry picture has a very rustic, raw style while this kind of style fits perfectly the decoration of a porch, a patio or even a summer house, its red and off-white colors are ideal for a kitchen and even the breakfast room.

Countryside Style Vintage Strawberry Advertisement

Perfect for dining room, breakfast nook and kitchen

Fresh Strawberries Art Poster Print by Kimberly Poloson, 12×12

This is the type of vintage strawberry pictures that fit perfectly in a dining room decor. Especially with old fashioned furniture and blue, red or yellow walls. It is also ideal to decorate a country style kitchen or the breakfast room.

Strawberry Picture with a Tuscan Feel

Or Provence if you like it

Strawberry Festival Art Poster PRINT Catherine Jones 11×14

This fantastic vintage strawberry picture would match any Provencal or Tuscan background color. Indeed, Tuscan main colors are yellow and terracotta while Provence main colors are yellow and blue. But Provencal style includes red too. So, if you want to switch your kitchen or breakfast nook main colors to the Southern Europe styled ones, this is the first accessory you will want to get as it will bring the principal tone to the room.

Strawberry Kids’ Summer Party

Perfect for an old fashioned environment

Crate Label ‘Strawberry’ Wall Decal 24 x 18 in

This classy and lovely vintage strawberry picture will work wonders in any lounge, dining room, patio, veranda (whether covered and screened-in or not), summer house or even the children’s bedroom.

Summer House With a 1940’s Appeal

Pastel green matches garden’s greens

Cottage Garden I Art Poster PRINT Susan Winget 14×11

This 40′s looking vintage strawberry picture will enhance any room with a green or neutral background, such as a patio, a covered and screened-in veranda (Arizona room) decorated with a profusion of plants. Instead of the patio, you can choose to hang this nice vintage strawberry picture on your summer house wall.

Eaux de Vie de Fruits II Art Print

Perfect for the bar area in the house


Old France looking strawberry pictures look great in any bartender wannabe’s favorite area. If you have a bar area in the home. This cute Fraisette poster ad is the ideal decoration for such a space. It would also fit perfectly in a French-styled kitchen or a minimalist and purified style.

Strawberry Milk Shake in a Blender Advertisement

The fifties milk bar ad

Framed Nifty Fifties – Shake Retro Classic Popular Mixer Lovely Modern Fifties Strawberry 8×10

I’m a fan of American kitchen furniture we would find in the 1950s, are you? These make fantastic reminders of the beginning of modern kitchen tools and accessories. If you have an old fashioned American kitchen or would like to decorate yours so as to turn it into a vintage milk bar, then this blender poster is the first element of your kitchen makeover.

Old Fashioned Strawberry Picture Ads

50’s and 60’s advertisement posters

The basic kitchen or breakfast room decorating idea is to bring colors and freshness through a bowl filled with fresh fruits as they are visually attractive (and by the way, edible). One generally places this fruit bowl in the center of the table.

The vintage strawberry picture advertisements below will highlight your breakfast nook decor and kitchen.

1962 Kraft Strawberry Preserves Crock Print Ad (6089)1961 A&P Ann Page Strawberry Preserves Print Ad (7078)1959 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Strawberries Print Ad (9097)1959 A&P Strawberry Charlotte Pie Preserves Print Ad (8788)1965 Kraft Jellies Strawberry Preseves Print Ad (7342)

More Vintage Strawberries for your Walls

Vintage pictures, posters and ads

Don’t you just love these vintage poster ads, which are perfect reminders of the simpler times? They were colorful, classy, and highly attractive. However original vintage picture ads can be costly and most of us couldn’t afford such an expense. This is where reproductions can make it.

Strawberries Art Poster Print by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 24×18Strawberry Shortcake Art Poster PRINT Smitty City 16×8Strawberries & Cream – mini Art Poster PRINT Gregory Gorham 8×8Strawberry Float 32iCanvasART Fraise strawberries Vintage Crate Label Giclee Canvas Art Print #9053 12Strawberry Crate Labels Can San Francisco California 12

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