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Stretching Exercises And Workout Routines For Your Physical Activity

Winter workouts can mean many things to many people. In cold weather, you need to warm up sufficiently. You need to have a goal for your workout routines. Do you want to increase metabolism, burn calories, build muscle, or all of those? What physical activity will get you the best results?

You can do any physical activity you like, with a gradually accelerated increase in intensity workout. And you can do this in 12 minutes!! This is a doctor designed program.

Stretching exercises, done lightly and with a graduating intensity, can help warm you up. Warm up exercises are truly important. Indoors, you can walk on the spot. Any pumping action in the legs increases circulation. This can be accompanied by arm movements, stretching up over the head, out to the side, punching movements, and gentle swings behind you to open up the chest area.

And after your workout routines, whatever physical activity you choose, you can repeat your stretching exercises to get a truly deep stretch in your major muscle groups.

Including the:

  • neck stretches
  • the upper back/side of back/upper arm muscles
  • the side of spine/side of hip/upper thigh muscles
  • anterior (inside the front of) spine or psoas muscle
  • leg stretches/the hamstring muscles
  • leg stretches/the calf muscles
  • the foot muscles

Stretching all your muscle groups balances your physical activity, getting you the best results.

Easy To Learn And Effective Workout Routines

One style in workout routines, a gradually accelerated intensity movement,  could be done on the treadmill. After warming up, you would  set it at a challenging running speed. You would run for a specific amount of time, which would result in you getting to a hard breathing state. Then you would lift yourself up with the handrails, place your feet at the sides, and rest, catching your breath. Yet, not get to a truly rested point.

You repeat this again, and several repetitions can be done as you get stronger. The treadmill can be adjusted for a slight incline, more speed, whatever you need to do to challenge yourself further, gradually. You regulate the acceleration in your workout routines, as you decide to.

You can do this same style of physical activity walking on a track, if you are not up to running or jogging, or if you have joint damage. Walking briskly, until you are breathless, then slowing down, actively resting. Then accelerating again, doing a few repetitions.

The beauty of these progressively accelerating  workout routines is that anyone can do it, starting at their own level of ability. You have no ideal to follow, only your own healthy rate of increasing your challenges.

Easy to learn  stretching exercises add to your health.

Stretching Exercises For Your Winter Workouts

Learn stretching exercises for your workout routines


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