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Stuffed Animal Speakers

What young animal lover wouldn’t like to listen to music using one of these stuffed animal speakers? These adorable animal speakers make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas or just to say “I love you” any time. Both boys and girls would love them.

Click one of these cuties into your mp3 player and listen to your music as never before. The Hello Kitty speaker even grooves to the beat.

You can click on the individual choices below to find out more details on each one.

Hasbro i-Dog Snuggly Speaker – Pink

i-Dog is cool as well as snuggly. This pooch

is a great traveler. Just plug her into any device, and she’ll

croon your favorite tunes!

These stuffed animal speakers are simple and sweet. Imagine this musical buddy

coming along on car trip, keeping your little one entertained. Looks nice sitting on a bureau, too.

Dancing Hello Kitty speaker 7650001

Hello Kitty has lots of fans! If Hello Kitty is your child’s special favorite,

then this speaker is just the thing to bring a smile to her lips. But not

only is this kitty pretty to look at, she dances, too. What fun!

I would have loved listening to the Beatles on one of these speakers. Does that date me? The music of any era would sound just as good.

You can find more animal speakers here: Animal Speakers

If you are interested in the Zazzle Doodle speakers, check out this link for some cool animal photo designs:

Animal Doodle Speakers

Okay, kids, let’s boogie!

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