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Stuffed Pokemon

Pokemon Plushes

Stuffed Pokemons are all the rave for collectors and fans! Kids and adults alike will enjoy these Pokemon Plushies. Collectors will want to collect them all!

If you love Pokemon, then these stuffed Pokemon figures are for you! There’s a huge variety showcased here. Will you find your favorite Pokemon character?

These little guys make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Easter baskets, Valentine’s Day and more. You’ll enjoy giving these to Pokemon lovers, and if you’re a fan yourself, you’ll enjoy receiving them, as well.

Pokemon Stuffed Plush Toys Set, Pack of 9


This set contains Pokemon like Umbreon, Sylveon, Eevee, Espeon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Glaceon and Leafeon
Height: approx.5 inches or 12 cm
These pokemon come with Tag


Pokemon Center Original Plush Pokedolls

These original plush Pokemon plushies are hot items! You’re going to enjoy their detail and colorings, and they are so much fun to collect, trade and share. Which one is your favorite?

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Pokemon Charizard Plush Pokedolls

The Charizard is a large dragon-like Pokemon that differs a great deal from its pre-evolved form. The red color of the skin of Charmeleon is no longer apparent, as Charizard appears to have reverted to the orange/yellow color of Charmander.

The single horn that used to be on the back of its head is now two horns, one on each side. The most notable difference between Charizard and its pre-evolved forms are the large wings that have developed on its back, which give Charizard the capability of flying.

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Pokemon Center Japan Original 6

This cutie is sweet and cuddly and waiting for a place inside your heart. Won’t you welcome her into your home today? Make sure she has plenty of plush friends to play with, too!

Pokemon Center Japan Original 6″ Sylveon Stuffed Plush on Amazon

More Popular Pokemon Center Plush Pokedolls

Collectors and Pokeman fans will love these Pokemon Center Plush toys. Click on photos for details and pricing.



Cute Pokemon Plush Dolls

These little cuties will win over any heart, no matter how hard it may be. These are great for collectors, and as gifts for kids to play with. Babies will enjoy snuggling with them, too. I bet you’re going to want to collect them all, am I right?

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Takaratomy Pokemon Best Wishes Plush Doll – Keldeo (Resolute Form)

From the manufacturer: Keldeo is a dual-type Water/Fighting legendary Pokemon. While it is not known to evolve into or from any Pokémon, it has a second form, which is activated by triggering an event in the Oath Woods where Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion teach it Secret Sword and changes its form permanently as long as it knows Secret Sword. Its original form Ordinary Form, will then become Resolute Form. Along with Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, Keldeo is a member of the legendary musketeers.

Takaratomy Pokemon Best Wishes Plush Doll – Keldeo on Amazon

Pokemon Legendary Plush

Legendary Pokemon are a group of very rare and often very powerful Pokemon. They are most often featured in the legends and myths of the Pokemon world.

While most Pokemon in the group “Legendary” are referred to as such, two other groups exist that can be considered subsets of Legendary Pokemon. The first being Mythical Pokemon and the second lacks an official English name, and refers to the specific Pokemon which are spoken of as the creators of the Sinnoh region.

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Takaratomy Pocket Monsters



Takaratomy Best Wishes Pokemon

Pokemon: Best Wishes! is the 4th and newest series of the Pokemon anime. It premiered in Japan, in September 2010. There are many characters in this series! You’re going to love these Plush Pokemon!

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