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Summer is here in most parts of the country. All the long frosty winter we dream of summer. We imagine sparkling sunshine and blue skies filled with white fluffy clouds. Visions of days at the beach fill our heads. In our mind’s eye we see warm sand and rolling waves lapping the shore. Maybe we are thinking about 4th of July picnics complete with watermelon, corn on the cob and ice cream. Some of us dream of baseball, the American pastime.  Oh, and lightning bugs, a sure sign of summer east of the Mississippi.

When I was a school girl, summers meant working in the cornfields of Iowa for spending money and going to the library for books to read. It meant going to the city swimming pool or out to Rock Creek Lake. Summer was hollyhocks and zinnias in the garden. It was a time of freedom from the restrictive environment of school and a time to have fun! What does summer mean to you? What are your Summer Dreams?

Summer Posters, Summer Dreams


orange cat with zinnias

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  1. Summer, at this point in my life, means longer days – so more dinners out! I don’t drive after dark anymore, so the long days broaden our opportunities! In our household, summer means golf, golf and more golf. With the hot hot summers in the south, I spend much more time inside reading or working!

    • Ah yes, the longer days. We are far enough north that our summer days are very long. The trade off is that our winter days are way too short!

  2. That’s a great summer image. I used to do that too.

  3. What lovely images of Summer. For me, Summer dreaming is lying in the grass, gazing up at the drifting clouds…

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