Swarovski Ornaments

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Ornaments

Swarovski is an Austrian producer of luxury cut lead glass made into ornaments, figurines, jewelry, and more.

These Swarovski crystal Christmas ornaments will glimmer and shine on your Christmas tree bringing it to life with light and colors as the light hits each ornament in a unique way.

You’ll love the beauty and design of these Swarovski ornaments, and you’ll be proud to give them as gifts to the special people in your life.

Collect these Swarovski ornaments year after year for beauty like nothing else you’ll see on your Christmas tree. Pass these down from generation to generation for all to enjoy.

Crystal makes lovely home decor accents. Hang these Swarovski crystal ornaments on ornament hangers throughout your home, so you can enjoy them in every room.

Swarovski Annual Edition 2015 Christmas Bell Ornament

Swarovski Annual Edition 2015 Christmas Bell

Swarovski very first Christmas Bell Ornament. The hand-blown glass bell features a clear crystal clapper dangling on a silver-colored chain. Hundreds of sparkling tiny crystals in the Crystal Rock technique and a white ribbon complete this outstanding design. Only available in 2015. The year of issue is elegantly engraved on the metal tag. Makes a great wedding gift!


Swarovski Cascade Colorful Crystal Bell Ornament Suncatcher

Swarovski Cascade Colorful Crystal Bell Ornament

SWAROVSKI Cascade Colorful Long Designed and assembled in USA by CrystalPlace Craftsmen. Crystals from World-Famous Austrian Crystal manufacture SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL To provide the assurance of original quality, each crystal carries the permanent, laser-engraved Quality Signature Use this ornament to add beautiful colors and good energy to your space. It is also a great gift idea.


Swarovski 2015 Annual Edition Christmas Star Ornament Set

Swarovski 2015 Annual Edition Christmas Star

For a glamorous and elegant festive season. This set includes one Christmas Ornament, Annual Edition 2015 as well as two smaller Little Star Ornaments packed in a sophisticated triangular box. The perfect gift or treat for yourself. Only available in 2015.


Swarovski 2015 Rocking Reindeer Ornament

Swarovski 2015 Rocking Reindeer Ornament

Add a playful touch to the festive season with this rocking ornament. It features a cute reindeer in clear crystal with a golden crystal nose and antlers. The curved base is specially designed to allow a gentle rocking movement. The design comes with a white satin ribbon so can be used as a hanging ornament too. An original gift and collectible.


Swarovski Ornaments

These Swarovski crystal ornaments will glimmer and shine on your Christmas tree or any ornament holder.

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