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(As you begin reading, you may wonder why this page is categorized under Fashion and not Books. If you have the patience to read this, you’ll understand. :) )

A talisman is an object, especially a figure carved or cut at a time regarded as astrologically favorable. It is believed to have magical protective qualities. If you’re into vampires (and it seems these days everyone is) Brenda Pandos has authored The Talisman Trilogy.

Each book is about 300 pages.

Ms. Pandos did not begin her work life as a writer. For personal reasons she had to make a major career change. In my opinion, she picked a fantastic work-at-home job and got started on the right track by picking a super popular genre: paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Her books are mostly read by young adult females.

So! OUT with the smelly garlic and crucifix.
~ IN with the cool looking talisman.

Hey! When you’re at war with ruthless bloodsuckers, you use whatever works! :)

Image: Pearl in Flames Love Druids Amulet Black Onyx Gemstone Circle Spiritual Powers Pendant Necklace

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