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Tips to Help You Talk to Strangers

If You Have Always Wondered How Others Can Comfortably Talk To Total Strangers, Here Is How!

lf you feel like you’re naturally shy but you want to talk to a stranger, it can be difficult to think about how you’re going to do it or what excuse to use.

Even the thought of opening your mouth to say something to somebody you’re not familiar with can be very daunting, so here are some tips to help you make conversation with strangers.

1. Smile and say hello

Sometimes it’s as simple as smiling and saying hello.

To most people, this will send across the message that you want to make conversation and that you are open.

If they choose to ignore this, it’s clear that they don’t want a conversation, so it’s time to move on.

2. Imagine they are a friend

Be relaxed with them

The more you think about the fact that you’ve never spoken to them before and you don’t know them at all, the scarier it will become when you think about making a conversation.

Imagine they’re a friend you haven’t met yet, and imagine the situation turning out positively.

Its easier than you think… practice makes perfect!

3. Forget about what other people think

(They are probably not thinking about you anyway)

The main reason we choose not to do many things in life is because we’re worried about what other will think about it.

The fear of embarrassment is one of the greatest fears that we experience in society, but once you get rid of this, you’ll be able to achieve a lot more.

4. Find something to talk about

Keep it simple, a short question will do.

This could be something such as, ‘Excuse me, I really like your shoes, where did you get them from?’ or ‘Do you mind if I pet your dog?’

You don’t need to have anything particularly special to say, and it will be quite clear whether the other person is happy to continue the conversation or would rather get away.

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5. Ask open questions

Avoid questions that get just “yes”or “no” answers

If you want to start a proper conversation with a stranger, you should ask an open question rather than a closed one.

An open question is one which cannot be answered with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

This forces the stranger to either completely ignore you (most people won’t do this for fear of seeming rude) or give a longer answer, thus initiating further conversation.

6. Know when to stop

Don’t bore or overwhelm them with information

If you see the person regularly and you want to speak to them again, don’t scare them off by being too full-on at first.

Rather than talking and talking about yourself, ask questions about them but don’t be too intimidating.

Know when to stop the conversation and walk away.

It Is Easier Than You Think To Talk To Total Strangers!

I promise you, with a bit of practice you will wonder why you ever struggled before!

It does require some practice from you before you begin to feel completely comfortable and natural about talking to strangers without feeling self-conscious.

But the more often you speak up, even if its just to say with a smile: ‘‘Nice day, isn‘t it?‘‘ … the sooner you become confident to approach people in groups and network like a professional.

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  1. Turning how to speak to strangers is essential – social skills are the most important skills you can have in business, and just to have a happy life.

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