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Tall, Dark and Determined

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Tall, Dark and Determined, A Book Review

Tall, Dark and Determined is the 2nd book in Husbands for Hire  Series by Kelly Eileen Hake. The Story takes place in Hope Falls, Colorado Territory  June 1887.
Chase Dustan is trying to find out about a mine cave in that had killed his brother-in-law.  He hears that 4 women are running the town of Hope Falls and  planning to start a saw mill. The ladies had placed an ad looking for men to work the mill and possibly be husbands for them.  Twenty Four men had showed up.  After a brawl they were down to 14.

Tall Dark and Determined

Tall Dark and Determined

Lacy Lyman is one of the four ladies.  Her brother Braden was the only survivor of the cave in and is  crippled.  His fiancee is one of the  four
Creed, who has been looking after the ladies, has captured Corbin Twyler.  Corbin had killed Creed’s brother at a gambling table and Creed is taking him back for trial. He asks Chase to watch after the ladies till he gets back.
Chase has a big dog with him and the two of them take on the  job but it turns out to be a lot to handle.
Chase and Lacy have lots of disagreements as he searches for information about the cave in.
I enjoyed this book and  recommend it to others.

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  1. You’ve made this book sound very interesting. I enjoy history and will certainly consider reading it. Thanks.

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