Tea Time with Appletree’s Tea Pots and Tea Cups

Appletree Tea Pots and Tea Cups

If you love tea and whimsy, then you are going to love these cute tea pots and tea cups by Appletree.  They take the ho hum out of tea time and make it fun with their fanciful items designed for taking tea.  Fun tea pots and tea cups can really brighten up your tea time.  Who wants to drink tea from any old tea cup when you can plop your tea bag into a tea cup with a wild leopard printand a big bow for a handle?   If you have a tea drinker on your gift list who appreciates flights of fancy, consider giving them one of these tea pots or a set of tea cups.

I have a special cup that I use that is mine alone.  As the only female in my household, no one else around here wants to use it anyway because it’s pink and blue with little bunnies on it!  I really enjoy my tea served in my special cup.  Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a special tea cup just for you.  Find one that you really love and that you will enjoy using.  You may even want to pamper yourself with a set that brews tea for one.  You can see one in the carousel below.

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In my area we have blustery winter weather on the way next week as do other parts of the country.  This is the time when I like to brew a pot of tea, get my fleece blanket and a good book, and throw some logs on the fire.  If I am cozy and have a great book to read, the afternoon will fly by and I don’t have to worry about the nasty weather.  The menfolk deal with the snow and ice, and as long as I have a pot of hot soup or chili on the stove, everyone is good.

Stock up on your favorite tea, find a tea cup that you love, hunker down and wait for spring!

Tea Cups for Tea Time

Leopard Print Teacups

Leopard Print Teacups

More Tea Cups and Tea Pots

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  1. Love these Appletree Tea Pots and Tea Cups. They look happy and fun!

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