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Teaching Textbooks Review


Teaching Textbooks Math 5 Review

This School year my 5th grader will be using Teaching Textbooks Math 5. I chose this particular curriculum because last year math for my son was like pulling teeth everyday. [both for my son and me]

How I found Teaching Textbooks:

I wasn’t even researching math curriculum for my 5th grader when I came across Teaching Textbooks. I found their Algebra program to be perfect for my High Schooler as it gives video tutorials for each problem in the book. This led me to explore the curriculum for my 5th grader.

Made for the Homeschooler:

Teaching Textbooks is simple to use and is geared toward the Homeschooler not a School classroom with a teacher. Math textbooks usually have problems and some examples with very little teaching because most textbooks are written for the school room not a homeschool.

Using the Curriculum:

You watch the lecture, do the problems and then if you miss a problem you can find the tutorial for that specific problem.  I find this last tool to be more valuable for the higher math skills such as Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus.

Steps to Using Teaching Textbooks in Your Homeschool:

  1. Give your student a Placement Test
  2. Watch the Demo video *on home page*
  3. Order the Curriculum – 1-866-TOP-MATH includes free shipping in U.S. and Canada

Highlights of Teaching textbooks:

  • Audiovisual solutions for every single problem
  • Automated grading and instant feedback on every homework and quiz problem
  • Animated lectures with lots of real-word applications
  • 114 lessons plus 19 quizzes
  • Topics covered operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, simple geometry concepts, units of measure, and percents.

Suggested Use of Math 5 :

  1. Watch the CD lecture
  2. Read the summary of the lecture in the textbook [key information is highlighted]
  3. Work 5 practice problems, enter answer into the computer, if you get the problem wrong just try it again. If you get the problem wrong a second time watch the step-by-step solution.
  4. Work each problem in the lesson, enter answer into the computer, if you get the problem wrong just try it again. If you get the problem wrong a second time, watch the step-by-step solution.

Take a Sample Lesson to see how the lecture and the book work.

Math5 Screenshot

Teaching Textbook is also compatible with Mac Computers and comes with an Answer key.


I am looking forward to teaching with this math curriculum this year and will update this review as we continue our lessons throughout the year. I’d love to see how my son rates this course.

Update: 7/2012

We used this curriculum with great results for my 5th grader. Whereas last year we butt heads when it came to math, this year he was much more relaxed. The lectures engaged him in such a way that it made him understand concepts. It was also very easy on me as his teacher because I did not have to come up with the lessons plans. I guided him when necessary but it is a pretty straightforward text.

One thing I think is necessary to note is that the level on this math is a little off. Although this is Math 5 and he tested at this level it is more for a 4th grader. I realize my son is behind in mathematics so this is fine for him but for those whose children are on target or even ahead in math, this might be too easy. It could be used as an added practice for those who are already at grade level.

Have you used this math program? I would love to read your thoughts about it, just comment below.

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  1. Thanks Lesley. I’m excited to be using it as a ‘teacher’ because of the video step-by-step walk-thru especially for the Algebra for my 11th grader.

  2. I am also homeschooling a 5th grader, I will have to take a look at this series. Thank you for sharing.

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