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Teal Christmas Lights

Decorating for Christmas with Teal, Aqua and Turquoise

When thinking about creative ways to decorate your holiday tree and home, try to think outside of the traditional multi colored light strands or traditional all white bulbs. An interesting and pretty color to consider is teal. Teal Christmas lights make a beautiful addition to any home decorating for the holidays, as well as for use on the actual Christmas tree. The lovely turquoise color works well in just about any setting and the lovely blue green color will fill your home with holiday cheer.

Teal Green Mini Christmas Lights

 100Lt Teal/Gw Icicle Ec Set 9’L Bag Set of 100 Teal Green Mini Christmas Lights Vickerman 100 Lights Teal Green Wire Set of 100 Teal Green Icicle Christmas Lights

Unusual Aqua Christmas Lights Can Be Found Online

It may be harder to find this rather unusual aqua color when shopping at your local retailer, as most stores tend to carry the most popular colors, typically the mixed multiple colors and white bulbs. However, several great product choices can be found online at Amazon.com. Teal Christmas lights have become a bit easier to find over the past few years though, as more and more people are warming up to this popular winter color. The turquoise shade looks great against the winter snow and just creates a crisp, wintry feeling when used in holiday decorating schemes and on trees. Some great finds on Amazon include the sets of 100 Teal Green Mini Lights on white wire that sell for $12.99 per strand.

There are also some beautiful sets of 100 Turquoise Blue Everglow Icicle Christmas Lights for decorating the exterior of your home, giving it a warm, inviting holiday glow.

Novelty Lights in Teal

 25 Bulbs C7 – Teal Transparent – 5 Watt G50 Intermediate Screw Base Transparent Teal (25 pack) Novelty Glowing Light-up Badminton Birdies Shuttlecocks Turquoise Blue Rattan Ball Fairy Light String Turquoise Cotton Ball String Lights

Significance of Blue Green Holiday Lights

Some people may wonder what the significance is of using blue or blue green holiday lights. There seems to be some conflict of opinion on the matter, but here are some of the general thoughts on the topic. Some feel that when blue lights are used, especially when used along with white lights, that it represents that a Jewish family or family member lives in the home. Since blue and white are traditional Jewish colors, this all sounds reasonable, until we consider the fact that Jewish people do not typically celebrate Christmas, as it is a Christian holiday. However, if a family is of mixed faith backgrounds, meaning one parent is Christian, and the other one of Jewish faith, this could be a nice way to incorporate both religious traditions within the home. The colors of Chanukah are traditionally blue and white, and Christmas trees are part of the Christian holiday tradition, so this would be a unique way to bring a bit of both into the holiday home.

Teal LED Lights

Teal Tea Lights

 Fairy Berries, Tiny Round LED Lights Floralyte Submersible Led Light By Acolyte LED Battery Operated Submersible Lights Teal 12 Count

Having a Blue Christmas

Aqua, blue green, or teal Christmas lights might also be used to represent a “Blue Christmas” that someone is having. This may be representative of someone just having had a bad year, or perhaps feeling a bit sad and nostalgic due to the loss of a loved one whom they are missing during the holiday season. In history, blue lights, or shades of blue, were used during the holiday season to represent that the family was in mourning. In more recent times, the color blue, or shades of blue such as aqua or blue green, have been used to show support for the military. These colors can be used to express honor for those members of the Armed Services, firefighters, or police officers that have lost their lives during the line of duty. The aqua lights can also signify that the particular household shows support for the military troops and is thinking of those who are serving far away from home during the holiday season.

Turquoise Round Shaped Party String Lights

Turquoise Round Shaped Party String Lights

Teal Candle Holders

Turquoise and Cobalt Blue Candle Holders

 Teal Mini Tea Light Candle Holders Teal Mercury Glass Tea Light Candle Holder Creative Co-Op Teal Resin Taper Holder Candles Frosted Flower Tea Light Holder

Home is Where the Heart Is and the Story Begins

Teal Tea Light Candle Holder

Love the Color Teal

Last but not least, another reason one might decorate their holiday home with teal, turquoise, aqua, or blue green Christmas lights, is simply because they love the color. The blue and white combination really does make a great winter color scheme, and would be especially pretty on a pure white artificial Christmas tree, or on a real evergreen tree that has been frosted with imitation “snow”. The teal lights will help to bring the beauty of winter indoors to delight your family during this magical and festive season. To take this color one step farther, there are now even teal colored artificial Christmas trees. Teal Christmas lights looks amazing on a teal colored tree, and the Vickerman 15009 2′ x 23″ Sky Blue 35 Teal Lights Christmas Tree comes with pre-strung teal colored mini lights.

If you’re looking to try something a little different this holiday season, consider using these beautiful blue green lights to brighten your holiday home.

Vickerman Sky Blue Tree with 35 Teal Lights and 115 Tips, 2-Feet by 23-Inch

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