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Teapot Ornaments for Christmas Trees

Colorful Tea Pot Ornaments Brighten Up the Christmas Tree

If you are looking for a great Christmas tree decorating idea this year, then teapot ornaments will work wonders. These cute Christmas tree ornaments come in diverse styles and colors. From mouth-blown glass to porcelain, teapot ornaments compliment all existing ornaments that you are using. This type of Christmas tree decorations can also become a family tradition. You could even start a collection and buy a new one each and every year to celebrate the holiday season.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Using Teapot Ornaments

What kind of tree should you choose?

Miniature Cloisonne Ornament – Tea Pots

A teapot themed Christmas tree is a theme that will work wonders in the kitchen and in the living room. Actually, because most of these ornaments are made out of the most precious materials or are provided a very stylish look, they can be placed in any room you want to see them.

For example, a teapot themed tree to place in the kitchen would be great if you choose an original color for the tree. A red tree would work very well, especially if you add a few silver and gold garlands and white lights along with the ornaments.

If you plan on placing the decor in the living room, then a classic green natural or artifcial tree with work best because it will be provided with an “Old England” appearance that will warm the room.

Here are some of the most beautiful teapot ornaments available on the online stores.


Tea Pot Ornaments Make Great Christmas Gifts

If you purchase a teapot with Swarovski crystals on it, you will be making a Swarovski art lover and a tea lover very happy.

Glass Teapot Ornaments for Christmas Tree

Delicate and lovely hand blown tea kettle ornaments

When reflecting the fire that burns in the fireplace, crystal makes the tree look like a sparkling end of year decoration. Hand-blown or mouth-blown ornaments provide your tree with a Victorian look that makes the holiday mood even more cozy.

A first example of such decorations is the Egyptian glass ornament set that includes 2 1/2 inch by 3 inch teapot ornaments. They will surprise any collector out there! They’re made out of mouth-blown glass, are handpainted and adorned with delicate details as well as gold accents.

With the Old World Christmas Teapot Glass Ornament you can revive the nostalgia of old fashioned end of year holiday season. It’s painted by hand and made out of hand-blown glass.

But there are more of such decorations available in stores. Click on an image to check them out.

Teapot Blues Scales Christmas FlowersRadko Candy Cane Kettle OrnamentBlown Glass Teapot Ornaments – Set of 3Exposures Egyptian Glass Ornament SetOld World Christmas Teapot Glass OrnamentTeapot w/Roses Glass OrnamentTeapot Rose Ornament – Alice in WonderlandRose Teapot Tree Ornament – 3.5″

Zwarovski Teapot Ornaments

Cute Teapot Ornament for Xmas Tree by Swarovski

24k Gold Teapot Ornament – Clear Swarovski Crystal

Swarowski is one of the most popular crystal manufacturer out there. The brand is well known for the pieces of jewelry they produce for a very affordable price. Crystal teapot ornaments will sparkle and shine on your Christmas tree, especially when lit by the tree lights and the burning log in the fireplace.

Start with a cute 24k gold plated Swarovski teapot ornament for your Christmas tree. Such ornament measures 3″ x 1.75″ x 2″ and is enhanced with colored Swarovski crystals. It makes an outstanding Christmas tree ornament.

Genuine Swarovski ornaments always come with the manufacturer tag. and comes with string to hang as well as manufacturer tag.

Porcelain Teapot Ornaments

Although heavier than items made out of blown glass, porcelain ornaments make a Christmas tree stand out and provide it with a very classy touch. Be cautious and make sure the branches support the weight of the decorating item.

Pottery, Ceramic and Porcelain Teapot Ornaments

These porcelain tea kettle ornaments make great Christmas gifts for collectors

Ornaments made out of porcelain will give a very classy touch to your fir tree. These are also very delicate items and, therefore should be manipulated with caution and also hanged from a big tree with strong branches.

Lenox is among the most popular manufacturer when it comes to fine china products. Each year, they produce special Christmas tree ornaments. They make excellent gift ideas for the collector on your present wish list.

Spode also create stunning ornaments for the end of year holiday season.

Ah the beauty of flower decorated teapots! These exquisite designs will provide your tree with a very British appearence, some kind of “cottage look”. Such a decor works very well in a living room, with the Christmas tree placed near the fireplace…

So if you’re looking to decorate your Christmas tree with an English style, you should take The Royal Albert Old Country Roses teapot ornament into consideration.It can be handwashed and is made out of fine white porcelain. This 3.25″ item is adorned with gold accents and roses.

Although old fashioned, Delft is still in vogue these days and even more when it comes to an old fashioned and traditional Christmas decor.

Many more designs are available.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teapot OrnamentWedgwood Iconic Teapot OrnamentPorcelain Delft Blue Teapot Ornament Set of 3Spode Botanic Garden Teapot OrnamentPorcelain Romance Teapot Ornament Set of 3Belleek Miniature Teapot Ornament, 3.5Teapot Ornament & Card by Oriental Trad Cy, Inc.Christmas Tree Signature Ornament Teapot House

Tea Cup and Saucer Ornaments for Christmas Tree

Tea kettles, saucers and cup ornaments for tea time addicts

Naturally when you serve tea you don’t drink it directly from the tea pot so don’t forget the cups and saucers! When buying a tea pot you generally look for assorted cups and saucers. So, there’s no reason for not doing the same when it comes to Christmas tree trimming! Here are some teacup and saucers that you could hang on the tree. Made out of porcelain or resin, they make outstanding decorating items!

Royal Albert Teapot/Teacup & Saucer SetNew Country Roses Teapot & Teacup and Saucer Set6 Teapots Cups/Saucers Tree OrnamentsDownton Abbey Teacups & Teapot on Tray OrnamentsOld Country Roses Teacup and Saucer OrnamentWedgwood Iconic Teacup and Saucer OrnamentSpode Christmas Tree Ornament Cup & SaucerIrish Cup & Teapot Ornaments, Set of 4Sweet Tea Baby Snowmen Tea Cup Ornaments

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

So now prepare a cup of tea and start shopping for those cute teapot and teacup ornaments for Christmas tree.

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  1. Oh these teapot ornaments are beautiful. My two sisters and I love to give each other teapot gifts — memories of singing “I’m a little teapot” over 60 years ago.

  2. I can’t say I have ever see a teapot Christmas ornament before. These are very cute and elegant and perfect for the family Christmas tree.

  3. LK_Gayton

    These teapot ornaments are so cute! I like the blown glass ones!

  4. Gypzeerose

    These teapots ornaments are gorgeous. My favorite is the 24k Gold Teapot Ornament – Clear Swarovski Crystal. Of course if you really wanted to be fancy you could serve tea under the light of the Christmas tree!

    • I love teapots. And your idea makes me think of a new chapter to be written for Alice in Wonderland – a tea party under the Yuletide tree :)

  5. Very interesting article beautifully done.
    Never thought of decorating a christmas tree with teapots, you have proven by all these teapots it can be done.
    Happy days.

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