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Teavana Teas

Teavana Teas & Tea Makers Reviews

Teavanna Tea Flavors, Health Benefits, Teapots & Kettles

Featured here with reviews are some of the best Teavana Tea flavors, blooming teas, tea makers, kettles & tea pots. Nutritional values and health benefits of the various types of teas are discussed as well. Informational videos are referenced below.

Teavana Tea got its name when the founders wanted people to experience a touch of heaven when they drank Teavana Tea. As they say on their website, “Great tea works wonders” and their tea is made of only the finest, high quality ingredients to ensure a rich taste and aroma no matter which flavors you choose.

Tea itself is a beneficial beverage. Different teas offer different health benefits and are a much wiser choice than sodas, juices and even coffees.

Teavana Teas started with a tea bar and emporium in Atlanta, GA. and today have more than 300 locations throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. People everywhere are enjoying the pleasures of Teavana Teas and now you can since it is available to buy online.

I’ve selected some delicious tea flavors to share with you here. You haven’t experienced tea fully until you try this lovely loose leaf brand! There are many rich and unique flavors available to suit every taste. For more information on each item, just click on the pics and tags.

Teavana Tea Products

White Tea
Green Tea
Oolong Tea
Black Tea
Herbal Tea
Rooibos Tea
Mate Tea
Rock Sugar & Honey
Tea Foods
Tea Kettles
Tea Makers

Teavana Teas Nutrition

Some of the health benefits of tea are amazing. White Tea is the purest and least processed of all the different teas. It brews a light color and flavor and is filled with healthy antioxidants. White teas are great for your skin and complexion.

Green Tea is the most popular type of tea (along with black tea), It is also the beverage of choice in Asia. Some loose green teas are scented with flowers or mixed with fruits and also contain healthy antioxidants. Green tea may also help maintain healthy/normal cholesterol levels, are good for skin and teeth and they can be used as part of your diet to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

The tea that most people are most familiar with is Black Tea. Black teas help to maintain an already healthy cholesterol level and help to maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system.

Oolong Tea and Mate Tea can be a healthy part of any weight loss plan. Herbal Teas are rich in vitamin C while Rooibos Tea contains healthy vitamins and minerals, healthy antioxidants and help to promote digestion, support a healthy immune system and help to maintain healthy skin, teeth and bones.

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

Steep time will vary by tea, so read the instructions that come with each flavor.

It’s simple…all you do is heat the water to the recommended temperature then steep the tea in the water. You can use a tea infuser or some other type of tea holder, or put the leaves in the water then strain the water before drinking.

If you want to enjoy your tea iced, follow brewing instructions then simply pour it over ice or leave it in the refrigerator until good and cold.

Tea Around the World

The 10 Top Tea Producers in the World

Sri Lanka

Teavana Teas

Tea Size Varieties

Most of the teas here are available in at least three or four size varieties. Simply click on the information and you’ll see other sizes available, as well!

Teavana Peach Momotaro Blooming Flower Tea

Teavana Peach Momotaro Blooming Flower Tea, 2ozView Now

This lovely artisan tea will open or bloom as it steeps. This is especially pretty when you use a clear tea pot to brew and serve the tea in! It will display a chrysanthemum bloom, which is quite lovely.

This tea offers a peachy undertone in a floral white tea infusion. It’s also good for multiple infusions.

This tea is pretty to display before brewing in a bowl or crystal vase, too


Teavana Flowering Pineapple Blooming Flower Tea, 2oz

Teavana Flowering Pineapple Blooming Flower Tea, 2ozView Now

Each tea ball is hand-tied with marigold flowers.

While steeping, this rare pineapple-scented white tea blooms into a beautiful flower.

Excellent for 3 infusions.


Teavana Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate Loose-Leaf Tea

Teavana Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate Loose-Leaf Tea, 16oz (1lb)View Now

Mate tea is a great alternative to coffee and offers the same caffeine intake without the jitters that often accompany coffee.

This green mate is flavored with raspberry and lemon and is a crisp and refreshing blend that will give you a bit of pep and cheer.


Teavana Sweet Asian Pear Loose-Leaf White Tea

Teavana Sweet Asian Pear Loose-Leaf White Tea, 16oz (1lb)View Now

This tea is available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz bags of loose tea leaves.

Sweet Asian pear are blended with passionfruits and citrus with floral undertones. These “superfruits” not only taste delicious but are good for you.

This is a perfect blend of fruits and florals to make a sweet tasting tea that is rich in antioxidants and more!


Teavana Caramel Almond Amaretti Loose-Leaf Tea

Teavana Caramel Almond Amaretti Loose-Leaf HerbalView Now

Satisfy food cravings with this delicious caramel and almond blend of loose leaf tea by Teavana.
You’ll find wonderful hints of cinnamon in this flavor, as well. It does contain nuts, so if serving to guests, make sure there are no nut allergies.


Teavana Peach Tranquility Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea

Teavana Peach Tranquility Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea, 8ozView Now

This peachy flavored tea can be bought in other quantities such as the 2 oz and 4 oz versions.

This is no cost savings when buying larger amounts so I would suggest buying 4 different flavored teas of 2 ounces weight each.

If your have a favorite then purchase the larger quantity.


Teavana White Ayurvedic Chai Tea

Teavana Ayurvedic Chai Loose-Leaf White Tea, 8ozView Now

This Indian tea is sweet and spicy and has a nutty hint with the presence of ginger lingering as an aftertaste.

This is such a beautiful tea with so many spices running through it. Each taste brings a new experience to your taste buds.

I like the cinnamon effect too.


This section is empty.

Teavana Dragonfruit Devotion Herbal Tea

Teavana Dragonfruit Devotion Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea, 16oz (1lb)View Now

Whilst I’m not a huge fan of herbal teas, I do find that many of them make a refreshing change to your normal brewing habits.

I tried this dragon fruited variety last Christmas and was pleasantly surprised by the kick it gave.

I enjoyed this exotic fruity drink and soon exhausted my stock. A sheer delight!


Teavana Zingiber Ginger Coconut Loose-Leaf Rooibos Tea, 2oz

5 Star Ratings from Customer Reviews!

Teavana Zingiber Ginger Coconut Loose-Leaf Rooibos Tea, 2ozView Now

This balanced red rooibos wonder has a ginger, toasted coconut and black pepper zest, smoothed over with the sweetness of cinnamon, golden delicious apple and and creamy coconut. A sublime voyage of infinite possibilities.

Oolong tea, apple pieces, red rooibos, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar), candied papaya pieces (papaya, sugar), cinnamon, roasted chicory root, and more. See website for full list of ingredients CONTAINS COCONUT


Heavenly Tea Leaves Tea Sampler, Assorted, 9 Count

Heavenly Tea Leaves Tea Sampler, Assorted, 9 CountView Now

This is by far the best option for people new to tea sampling. If you are a coffee fan or drink only one tea type then why not give your taste buds a treat with something new.

If you’re combining teas simply use the instructions for the tea that is brewed the least amount of time and that requires the lowest temperature.


Teavana Perfectea Rock Sugar (1 lb)

If you like sugar with your Teavana Tea this pure, unprocessed amber sugar crystals are the best way to help enhance the natural sweetness of your tea without changing the flavor. Just add them to the tea leaves as your tea steeps for best flavor. Includes one pound of sugar.

Teavana Perfectea Rock Sugar (1 lb)View Now

Additional Selections of Teavana Teas

 Teavana Ayurvedic Chai Loose-Leaf White Tea, 2ozView Now Teavana Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Loose-Leaf Tea Blend, 4ozView Now Teavana Youthberry Loose-Leaf White Tea, 2ozView Now Teavana Raspberry Pineapple Luau Loose-Leaf White Tea, 2ozView Now Teavana Strawberry Lemonade Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea, 2ozView Now Teavana Oprah Chai TeaView Now Teavana Blueberry Bliss Loose-Leaf Rooibos Tea, 2ozView Now Teavana Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Loose-Leaf Green Tea, 2ozView Now Teavana White Chocolate Peppermint Loose-Leaf Rooibos Tea, 8ozView Now Teavana Pineapple Kona Pop Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea, 4ozView Now Teavana Chocolate Bananas Foster Herbal Tea, 2ozView Now Teavana Tranquil Dream Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea, 2ozView Now Teavana Pumpkin Spice Brulee Loose-Leaf Oolong Tea, 2ozView Now Teavana English Breakfast Loose-Leaf Black Tea, 2ozView Now Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Loose-Leaf Green Tea, 4ozView Now Teavana Tea Sampler Gift SetView Now Tea Forte Single Steeps Loose Tea Sampler 2.22 oz(63g)View Now Tea Forte Single Steeps Loose Tea Sampler – Garden Harvest WhitesView Now

Teavana Teas

Teavana Tea Makers

Teavana Large PerfecTea Tea Maker II, 32oz

Teavana Large PerfecTea Tea Maker II, 32ozView Now

This new PerfecTea Maker II has arrived! It makes four 8oz cups of tea at once and fits perfectly on the PerfecTea Iced Tea Pitcher. This tea maker steeps tea quickly and drains out the bottom straining the used leaves. Works for making hot or iced tea.

BPA free
Top rack dishwasher safe
New and improved Large PerfecTea Maker II
Integrated, removable stainless tea strainer
Makes four 8 oz cups at once, 32 oz total


Teavana Modern Iced Tea Maker

Teavana Modern Iced Tea MakerView Now

Modern tea maker. The matte stainless steel top houses the brewing chamber which then empties into the carafe full of ice below. The addition of juices or syrups in the base leads to endless possibilities for delicious summer beverages. Do not microwave.


Brews your iced tea at the table
Perfect for entertaining
Dishwasher safe
Glass carafe holds 28oz/825ml


Teavana Tea Odds & Ends

 Teavana Bamboo Tool KitView Now Teavana Perfect Tea SpoonView Now Teavana Perfect Glass Tea MugView Now Teavana Iced Tea Gift SetView Now Teavana Infuser Grey Iced Tea Pitcher – 66ozView Now

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