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Teddy Bear Nanny Cam Guide

A Teddy Bear Nanny Cam Watches Out For Your Kids When You Can’t

If you are a fortunate parent, you will have the luxury of employing a nanny to help care for the kids. Not because you feel that you are incapable of handling them and your work life all together, but due to the fact that nannies are trained professional who know what to do and how to do a particular task relating to babies.

Even though you have outside help from a Nanny, you still can’t afford to not pay full attention 24/7 to your baby.

You need to keep a check over the behavior of the nanny towards the baby in your presence and absence too. To be able to discreetly keep a check over the nanny in your absence you can apply the hidden camera technology of the nanny cam.

Get hidden cameras installed in your home, in the rooms and especially in the baby’s nursery to keep a continuous watch over what the nanny has been doing in your absence.

Even if you don’t have a nanny, its a great way to be able to see what the kids are up to, or to check up on your babysitters every move when you finally have a social night out to yourself, then you can utilize Teddy Bear Nanny Cam at your place.

Why You Need To Monitor Nanny 

Your child’s protection is of the utmost importance, and even though we often think we can trust people, we sometimes can’t.

Ensure your child is as safe as possible, by placing nanny cams around your house. Make sure she (or he) is treating your child well, and attending to your child’s needs

Nanny cams can also be used to monitor your home’s entrance doors, your pets, your children playing, and so on.

KJB C1250C Hardwired Teddy Bear Color Hidden Surveillance Camera

KJB C1250C Hardwired Teddy Bear Color Hidden Surveillance CameraView Now

When you think of a Nanny Camera think of the Teddy Bear surveillance system, with a high quality CCD camera built inside, the camera is virtually hidden.

Available with a black and white or color camera.

Teddy Bear may vary from that shown in the picture.

Item: TB300 Black and White Camera Item: C1250C Color Camera Please see the Specs tab to notice a difference in technical specs between color and black and white models.


Teddycam Baby Monitoring System

Teddycam Baby Monitoring SystemView Now

TeddyCam Baby Monitoring System A Baby Camera Built Into a Cuddly Teddy Bear!

Watch from Your own TV as your baby sleeps.

No wires are used between the TeddyCam and your TV. Use it in any room of your house.

Essential Info: It may look like an ordinary toy at first look, but don’t be fooled; the TeddyCam is smarter than the average bear. Despite his cuddly appearance, this bear is outfitted with an advanced baby monitoring system that lets you watch your child on your own TV, without running wires throughout your home. AC adapters are included.

What’s Included: TeddyCam Baby Monitoring System Transmitter Receiver Cable 2 adapters.

With a camera built into his nose, the TeddyCam blends perfectly in the environment of a baby’s room. Plus, a built-in 2.4GHz transmitter sends video signals to the receiver you connect to your TV, eliminating the need for wires.

Altogether, it’s the perfect solution for affordable baby monitoring, without making your infant’s bedroom look like a TV studio. Because it’s a wireless system, you can use the TeddyCam in any room of your house, so long as there’s an AC outlet nearby, and a TV within 100′ to 300′ (range varies, depending on the layout of your home).


Teddy Bear Hidden DVR Camera

Teddy Bear Hidden DVR CameraView Now

The Teddy Bear Hidden DVR Camera is a first of its kind. This Completely Covert Hidden Teddy Bear DVR Camera comes with a motion activated DVR, Hi resolution 480 TV line hidden color camera, a 20 hour rechargeable battery, 8 GB SD card for 64 hrs video recording, RCA Cable, Manual, and remote control for easy operation. The Camera is hidden in the front on the bow. The DVR is completely hidden inside the bear for total covert operations. Just set in a room and begin recording then use SD card to view on your PC. The Motion-activated recording captures all the action and has a remote for manual recording as well. The RCA cable allows you to connect to a TV to view footage or set up camera. Can be set to overwrite old information or can be set to stop when SD card is full. Specifications: 640 × 480 VGA High Resolution @12~ 1 fps -User Selectable, MPEG4 (30 fps real time video) Resolution 320 × 240, Low Light Color CCD 480 TV Line Camera .1 Lux, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X Playback Speeds, Upgradable firmware via SD card for future upgrades, Image size dependant on amount of motion 25 kB ~ 160 kB @ 30 fps, Embedded Time/Date Stamp, SD Card uses windows media player for PC playback, Supports up to 32 GB SD card. Includes: Teddy bear camera/DVR, Charger, 1 RCA Video Connector Cable, IR remote control, Instruction manual


Hidden Nanny Cams

Yes…These Are All Spy Cameras!

 Covert Camera in Smoke Detector : 620 TVL High-res with Hidden LensView Now Hidden Camera Clock Radio, Mp3/mp4 Player – 16gb memory card included- Motion Activated Spy Camera for Home or Office Records Continuously 24/7 to DVR Or On Motion Detection – Saves 16 Days Covert Recording Until OverwrittenView Now Toughsty®8GB Color Smile Face Badge Hidden Camera Realtime Mini SD Card DVR CamcorderView Now SecureGuard HD 720p Battery Powered Water Bottle Spy Camera Covert Hidden Nanny CamView Now SecureGuard D1 Receptacle Spy Camera Hidden Covert Nanny CamView Now Spy Nanny Camera Picture Frame with HD Video Camera, Microphone and it Records on Motion!!View Now Toughsty® 4GB Photo Frame Camcorder Hidden Camera Covert Camera Mini DVR Video RecorderView Now SpyCrushers Clothes Hook CameraView Now Spy Pen Camera DVR (Gold) – 1280x960p Video Recorder – Hidden Camera Pen Dvr Quality and Durable on Cheap Price – Pen with Camera and 8GB Free SD Memory Card – 30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Product Warranty!View Now

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