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Learning To Tell Time with Telly the Teaching Clock

Learning To Tell Time with Telly the Toy Clock

Learning time can be a challenge for many kids. The whole concept of short and long hands, hours, minutes and seconds might be confusing. This is especially so in a world where more of us refer to our cell phones to tell the time rather than an actual clock or watch. It is still important to help kids learn to tell the time when they are young. Now learning how to tell the time can be less overwhelming and more fun with Telly the Teaching Time Clock.

Kids can learn the fun of telling time with the analog and digital clock with their own Telly the time clock. Learning how to tell time need not be as daunting anymore with a bright clock that has a cute and encouraging voice. Read on to find out how Telly the Teaching Time Clock can help your toddler and preschooler learn how to tell time.

Who is Telly the Teaching Time Clock?

Features of this Teaching Time Clock

Telly the teaching time clock can be a fun toy for any kid learning time. This fun looking toy clock has an analog face with the hour and minute hands, and a digital clock too. The analog face is bright with a smile and very clear numbers. The numbers on the clock are easy to children to use to tell time.

Also learning time is made easier as the minutes are stated clearly as well. For instance, right beside the number 1, you would see the ’5′ in a different color. This makes it easier to explain to them that for hours they go “1,2, 3..” and for minutes it is in multiples of 5.

The digital clock comes in a great way that would help children learning time in both digital and analog form. It is also remarkable as this digital clock actually displays the real time when the toy is turned off and not in use. This is great as you can continue the game all day, and ask them to tell the time of the day for you, even when you are not playing.

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Best and Most Fun Toy to Help Kids Learn to Tell Time

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Modes of Learning Time with Telly

The Different Modes on Telly the Teaching Time Clock to Learn to Tell Time

You can use 2 modes to make learning time fun with Telly. First is the clock mode, where you can set the time on the analog and Telly would not only tell you the time, but also show this same time in digital form. This is a great way to introduce them to hours and minutes and how time goes from one hour to the next.

Once they are more familiar with telling time, you could move to the quiz mode. Here you would see the time on the digital mode and you would need to change the analog clock to match the digital clock. This would be a great exercise for children to reinforce what they have learned.

Telly the Teaching Time Clock Comes in Many Colors

Find the Best Teaching Time Clock For Kids

Telly the teaching time clock comes in lovely bright colors that kids would love. You can get them the Telly that they love to play with and learn how to tell time with. Take a look at the other models of Telly the time clock.

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Challenges for a Kid Learning Time

Why is Learning How To Tell Time A Challenge For Kids

Learning how to tell the time can be especially confusing to a child who has just managed to master their numbers. Trying to tell them to regard the digits on an analog clock as “1, 2, 3″ for the hour hand and “5, 10, 15…” for the minute hand could be a challenge for both the parent and child. It is important to be patient and realize that the child will understand it one day.

Also, one must teach them to read it correctly in the digital format and be able to translate between analog time and digital time. This would be a great time to teach concepts such as the number of minutes per hour and similar concepts. Telly the Teaching Time Clock makes it easy for kids to learn both digital and analog by having both appear to them at the same time. This lets them connect the dots easier.

Best Telly the Time Clock Gift Set for Kids

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Does Telly Make Teaching Time Easier for Kids?

Can Telly the Teaching Time Clock Helps Kids Learn to Tell Time Better?

I hope that you have enjoyed my review of Telly the teaching time clock and can see how learning time can be made easier with this wonderful toy clock. Have you had success in helping kids who are learning to tell time? What has worked for you? Would Telly make it easier and more fun for both you and your kid?

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  1. Gypzeerose

    Getting kids up in the AM is one of the hardest tasks for any parent. This would make it more fun!

  2. Sometimes it is difficulty for children to get the concept of telling time. But these little Telly the Teaching Time Clock will make the learning fun and a lot easier.

  3. What a fun way to learn how to tell the time. These clocks are so colorful.

  4. Oh these are adorable! And children do need to know how to tell time — without a digital answer!

  5. Susan

    Very cute it would be so nice to tell time if you had one of these little helpers.

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