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Ten Ways to Create Expressions with Hardwood Floors

Most people have an appreciation for hardwood floors but often don’t take the time to think about how they can be used to create bold expressions in the home. Thanks to the variety of stain colors, grain patterns and wood species, it has never been easier to select the perfect hardwood floor to illustrate your home. Here are ten ways to use hardwood floors to bridge together your individuality and the décor of your home.

1. Opt for a Bold Stain Color

Colors are a popular way to express yourself with interior design and floors are no exception. Traditionally, light wood colors have been favored because of their casualness and ability to make rooms to look larger and brighter. Today’s trends are different. People are choosing dark, bold stain colors that are bound to make an impression. These dark floors will be the first thing your eyes are drawn to, and thanks to their ability to pop out, everything else in the room can be made simpler.

2. Choose Exotic Species over Domestic

Exotic species of wood are becoming more popular than domestic varieties. They are exceptionally unique, and while you may be able to tell an oak floor from a maple floor, you won’t be able to tell the species of an exotic wood. Some of the most popular species include bamboo, Brazilian cherry, Brazilian teak, mahogany and spotted gum.

3. Look for Distressed or Handscraped Wood

Distressed wood is an excellent option for trendsetters, and it has been garnering plenty of attention because of its unique properties. Not only is distressed wood perfect for those who dare to be different, but if you have a home with pets or kids, you won’t have to worry about dents and scratches becoming an eyesore.

4. Hand Finish Unfinished Planks

Instead of hunting for the perfect wood floor, purchase unfinished wood planks and finish them on your own. This is a huge job indeed, but it’s one that you’ll be proud of for years to come. By taking control of your flooring project, you can select all the details from the stain color down to the angle of the wood installation.

5. Appreciate Prominent Grain Patterns

Add a dose of character to your home with a wood species that has intricate grain patterns. Some species are knottier and grainier than others, but you’ll have a special appreciation if they’re bursting with character. Another element to look for is the variation between pieces. You can opt for expressions in hardwood floors that have a little variation or a lot depending on how fluid you want the floors to look.

6. Polish off the Look with High Gloss

If you’re able to maintain your flooring, selecting a high-gloss surface is a wonderful way to create those bold expressions. While many floors have a light shine to them, high-gloss wood floors are exceptionally sleek. They are ideal for formal settings and are sure to add an extra degree of elegance.

7. Install Wood on an Angle

Don’t think that all hardwood floors have to be laid vertically or horizontally. If you prefer, you can install the wood on an angle and give your room a dramatic look. You can also add more personality by choosing trim and transitional pieces in opposite colors to highlight the angled installation.

8. Piece Together Parquet

There’s no better way to add instant depth to your room than by choosing parquet flooring. The squares are perfectly positioned together to value the natural grain patterns while creating unique designs that are a treat to your eyes.

9. Select a Medallion

Medallions look stunning in the middle of a hardwood floor and can take the place of an area rug. You can then fill the rest of the flooring out with the hardwood of your choice. Medallions are available in a variety of designs, but you can also custom design your own.

10. Pick Out Contrasting Borders

A final way to make a statement is to highlight the room using contrasting border pieces. To do this, use floor borders and transitional pieces that are in a different color than the rest of the floor. These contrasting pieces will make the Expressions Hardwood Floors explode with personality, and they look exceptionally unique along staircases and entryways.


Image: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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